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c/s after a c/s Lock Rss

My first son was breech and I had an elective c-section. With my second I pushed for a VBAC. I did try but ended up having an emergency c-section due to not progressing past 5cm dilation. The whole time ante-natally they were trying to talk me into having c-section. This was through the public system. With my third I went for an elective c-section because I couldn't go through trying for another VBAC.
Keep in mind what you'll be unable to do after another CS. My first was an emergency CS (and was a great experience, the best day of my life, with no complications), but opted for a VBAC for number 2, mainly because I didn't like the idea of not being able to lift/carry anything heavier than my baby when I had a 2 year old. The other bonus to a VB is quicker recovery and less tiredness - after all a CS is major abdominal surgery.
If you have already had a c sec you should be able to go another c sec. In the public system if you havent had any issues they will push you to try VBAC but its your right to have your baby how you want.

People will question why you want to have an elective but its your decision and what ever you feel comfy with.

I had an emergency with DS and then opted for an elective with DD i was pushed to go for a VBAC to the point i was left feeling like ***! Stand your ground

good luck

1st baby due start of sep

I had emergency CS with DS1 and then went on to choose to have an elective CS with DS2 and both were in the public hospital, they asked me what I wanted to do and I flat out said it would be another CS. After my first labour (horrible experience) there was no way I was going for a VBAC.
It's completely your decision dont let anyone persuade you otherwise.
I will add recovery from my second CS was a breeze nothing like the first I was out of hospital after 48hrs. I have read lots of stories from women saying that the second one is easier.

I had to have a c-section with my first son. His head was too big for me. Plus i was over my long labour by the time the doctor said he has to be delievered by c-section.

With my second i wanted a vbac and the doctor said no because of the risk of my second son head being up and they didn't want me to go threw another long labour (first one was 38 hours), so they gave me 6 weeks to decided and i spoke to 2 different doctors.
I end up having another c-section.

I know i will have to have a 3rd c-section.

If your doctor thinks you could do a Vbac take the time to think about it. And talk to the midwives.

I had a emergency C/S with my son and was up and out of bed within 12 hours. I had a elective C/S with my daughter as i had complications with my son and 6 weeks later i still cant feel the base of my spine, its numb and sore on the sides i can feel thanks to the spinal block, I spent over 24 hours in bed, lost alot of blood that made me anemic and to top it off was told it would be wise to not have more children as my uterus is now too thin and chances of me carrying again are slim, on the off chance i do id more than likely need a hysterectomy. I think just because it was easy with the first doesnt mean the 2nd is going to be easy. If i i could i would have tried for a VBAC, you need to seriously sit down and weigh up the pros and cons. The midwives cant force you but they deter you, its major surgery and the there is more chance of something going wrong.

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