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elective caesarean Lock Rss

I had my own obstetrician and went through a private hospital. I discovered that the total cost of either elective c-section with a spinal block or going through labour with an epidural was going to be the same. For my first child, I chose elective c-section. The best thing I ever did!!! I was walking around within 24hrs and felt no pain! Five months down the track and Im already planning my next one! Never saw the point of going through labour. Love children and plan on having a few.
im 34 weeks and have decided to have a repeat c section my first was an emergency as i was in labour or 3 days and only progressed to 5 cm dialated then both baby and i stressed. Half of the reason for me not dialteing is my babies are so large first was 9pd12 and this baby is looking the same or bigger so ive decded def c section for me. Its totally free my doc has been great gving me loads of advice and telling me its my decsion.
How do I go about having an elective C in a public hospital? I don't have private health insurance. Do I just ask my GP??
Which state are you in Bobbie4n?
NSW KaiPsMummy
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