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Got my date for Caesarean no.2, Scared!!! :( Lock Rss

Hi, I had an emergency c-sec with dd1 Aug 2009 & it'll be just over 3yrs exactly (Aug 28th) when i'll have my elective caeser. It's fair to say I'm a scared. I know it's still 13wks away but when i remember the drama with the first one i get a little worked up.
I'm tying to stay positive & think about meeting DD2 but I'm still so scared about the whole thing. I'm finding it hard to talk to anyone about it because I don't know anyone that had a caeser so no-one knows the pain I went through.
I also got PND after DD1 because i wasn't capable to do all the things I should have done like, pick her up when she cried, giving her her first bath and other things. I hated my family because DD would fall asleep in their arms and i would be sedated in the hospital bed, screaming on the inside. I remember crying to my husband in hospital thinking my DD wouldn't know I was her mother.

Anyways, just wanted to talk to some others about dealing with this the second time around. I know it won't be the same this time round but I am still pretty scared.


I had a really traumatic first delivery (forceps with a 4th degree tear) and chose on medical advice to have a c-section for my second. I was really scared about what it was going to be like but I found it to be a totally positive experience (even though I went into spontaneous labour two weeks before my date so it ended up being an emergency one). I found healing was a complete walk in the park compared to my first experience and directly after my surgery I even thanked the OB for making it such a positive birthing experience (might have been the drugs) smile

Good luck.

I too had emergency C section for my first so chose an elective for my second and like OP said the recovery second time round was a walk in the park. I was only taking panadol for pain relief and was out of hospital 48hrs later I found it much easier and a positive experience.

Thanks for all the replies ladies. I am feeling a bit better about it now. I just have to stay positive & focus on holding my baby smile

Good luck with your delivery in 13 weeks. Hope that the rest of your pregnancy goes well.

I have had two c sections. First was planned as our daughter was small and she was breech. It was a good experience. I was up walking around the next day. Didn't need any pain meds at all. With the twins it was an emergency c section. It was in the morning the were born at 7.40 and 7.41am and I was up and showered by 3.30pm the same day. In both my cases all my children were in special care so didn't have contact with them till I was able to go and see them. For me both was a good experience at the ends of the day we ended up with healthy babies and healthy mother. What more could we ask for. I think it does depend alot on the doctor and they way they handle things as with the twins no one knew if they would survive after birth but is was very calm and everyone did what they had to. But I know deep down there was plenty of panic just by the way my doctor spoke to me before we went in. But for you I guess you know what to expect. I hope that your experience is better than last time. Good luck smile smile

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