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a question for all you c/section mama's... Lock Rss

I am having my first (and last) c/section for my second bub in about 4 weeks time. I have researched it on the net and in books as much as I can but I think nothing compares to personal experience. SO my question to you is what are you best tips for preparing for a c/s? Is there anything you wish you did in hindsight? And for that matter what are your tips for after? What helped you in your recovery? What didnt? Looking back what would or wouldn't you have done? (Hmmm, more than 'a' question actually?!) Really interested in what you have to say and appreciate any helpful advice anyone can give- starting feel just a little nervous! Thank you all in advance x
Mine was an emergency c-sec so wasn't really prepared, but afterwards just take it easy and take your painkillers. Try and have someone with you at home for as long as possible to help with your other child. Have some meals prepared because you will be recovering from major surgery and won't feel like cooking. Have some really comfortable clothes like big knickers and loose pants that won't be tight on your scar. Best of luck!

hey i had an emergency cs with DS and i def think it helped with recovery to be fit. as i done swimming and walking while pregnant so i was reasonably fit.

i think afterwards def dont do too much. like they say only do what u need to for the baby. so only do what u need to. DF's mum stayed for 2 weeks after and done all the cooking and cleaning. and when she left DF done it all when she went back home and my dad would come over during the day and do the washing and stuff and my mum came after work and would make dinners and cleaning and let me have some sleeps.

i should of started doing abit of walking earlier on cause i was told it helps with recovery but i didnt do any cause of the pain. after about 2months i started walking everyday. i started with a 10min walk and gradually got longer. and it def made me feel better.
WOW!! Thank you all so much, it means so much to me that so many of you have offered your advice and have wished me well. Some excellent points made here and a few things I hadnt even thought of. My other half is taking 2-3 weeks off after the birth and Mum is taking 6 weeks off and my sis lives 2 mins away so they will all be around to help me out and I am very grateful to have that support network. I will certainly discuss pain management beforehand and also the process of what will happen after the birth as i'd really like to have as much contact with bub as possible, all being well of course. Its good to hear it can be quite a positive experince which I am REALLY hoping for after the traumatic natural birth I had first time around. Little Miss's I hope a little while down the track I will be on here posting about my great experince like you, your post gives me much hope! Thanks again all x
Mine was emergency so I wasn't overly prepared but I agree with the big knickers haha! Get a couple cheap packs of the really high waisted ones. All my regular knickers sat right on the scar line! And some comfy yoga style pants that you can pull all the way over!

And totally agree with taking all pain killers they offer as well as limiting visitors and taking it easy for the first 6 weeks!! All the best & I hope that its a positive experience for you smile
I hope this isn't TMI but as I was in hospital for 6 weeks leading up to my csect and I wasn't allowed out of bed for all that time the surgeon did a quick shave of the top of my pubic hair with a mans snippers. It left me with a lot of in grown hairs post surgery coming through so I would have gotten a wax before given the chance. Also on that note the sticky gauze pad that was over my stitches was painful to remove as it stuck to some hairs. However when you get the gauze changed instead of having a new one applied my midwife told me to just pop a maternity pad across it in the front of my granny undies so I didn't have to remove another one!

Its really important to get moving post surgery. Even in intensive care they were rolling me and trying to get me into a chair.

I also made sure DP could follow and stay with DS when I went to recovery then IC.
Gosh you girls... I've never had a section - but just wanted to say that it sounds SO HARD!! Whoever say's having a section is the easy way out, or the 'too posh to push' slogan is soooo wrong. Cheers to all mummas who are so tough to get through childbirth, whichever way the child enters the world!

I completely agree with T.R.E.E. about the constipation problem after a c-section. I had an elective c-section with dd2 due to problems after dd1's birth. I kept on top of the pain by taking whatever painkillers the midwives gave me. The problem started with dd2 was 3 days old. I started to feel very sick because I couldn't go to the toilet. They gave me heaps of lactulate and coloxyl as well as I ate prunes and drank heaps of water. I usually don't have a problem in this area but this was awful. It got to the point where I had 2 enemas to get things moving.
They didn't start to work properly until I came home from the hospital. Then I went the other way. I ended up with an anal fissure and every time I had to go to the toilet it felt like I was in labour.
It took 3 weeks for it to settle down and 3 months before I felt I had recovered from the c-section.
I too pushed myself too much too soon as I had dd1 to look after as well. Lucky for me dh had 8 weeks off work to help.
The day I felt the worst in hospital I was also express weaning as dd2 wouldn't feed off me. I felt like I had the flu. I had heaps of visitors and all I wanted was to sleep.
Listen to your body and if you need rest take it.
Chalys your so right, c-sections aren't the easy way out. smile

Like alot of the replies, my c-section was a complete emergency, so no prep at all; labour didn't even start for me. It is a very weird feeling because you can still feel the tugging and pushing etc that the surgeon does & when they check everything is out they kind of push down and it feels like everything is being stretch. I'm not telling you this to freak you out, just to prepare you. Remember to breath and relax so that it will hold off any anxiety you may start to feel. I had the anthetist next to me, so I kept chatting to her so that I could keep calm, especially after DD was delievered as she went straight to the NICU and my birth partner went with her, so I was all alone while they were stitching me up.
I found the best thing after my C section was to get up and move around. I was up within 12 hours, had a shower & then very slowly toddled to the NICU with DH, it was another level, so it was a hike, but doing this meant that I was off the strong pain killers within a day and didn't even want the panadol because I had no pain, but every person is different, so don't push yourself, but moving definitley helps.
My C-sec was an emergency one too and ditto many of the things already mentioned. But, thought I would add - take warm socks to wear. You should be able to wear them in to theatre. My feet felt freezing as the epidural wore off!
How good is this forum? You ladies have given me such great advice and are so helpful! I am rather new here and I feel very supported just from receiving all these replies to my post!

ToryF- I have booked my waxing for late the week before so hopefully no shaving for me.Thank you!

T.R.E.E- i will certainly invest in an industrial size box of fybogel to start taking the week before. Excellent advice! I had this after my first birth as I had soooooo many stitches, the midwives started me on it in the hospital and I actually really liked drinking it so that will be easy!

Avabear- yes that sounds freaky but I appreciate knowing that! I didnt think you were supposed to feel anything much at all so going in with the knowledge that I will feel some sensation is good and will help with the anxiety I am sure to be feeling. Moving around as soon as possible seems to be the way to go from a few of the ladies on here so I will definitely try to do that.

A&A- thank you I would never have thought of socks in theatre!!

Loving this website and forum, you gals all rock, thank you all so much x Yay!!
Mine would be that sometimes the medical team forgets to tell you that it can take up to 10 days for your milk to come in after a c/sec... your body is trying so hard to repair itself BEFORE it makes milk, so..... in the meantime your baby may be screaming like a banchee every 2 hours & may be generally unsettled.... try not to let it get to you & just do the best you can... feed, feed, feed is my advice. the more you feed the quicker it will come (apparently). My milk came in about day 8 & it felt like a really long 8 days.. haha

for the record, i had an awesome c/sec too!! they arent ALL bad.

good luck.
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