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Caesar only 5weeks away!!! Lock Rss

Well, my 2nd caesar is only 5weeks away & I can't wait to meet my baby. I feel lke I've been pregnant forever. I am over the nerves and am now just ready to have her in my arms and in her nursery.

How exciting!!! I would love to be able to know when im expecting this little guy! The waiting game is the hardest thing ever isnt it! :/ I hope everything goes really well for you and the time doesnt drag on! grin

Thanks, I am so excited. my first caesar wasn't the best so I'm kinda looking forward to having an elective, the recovery should be much, much easier. I can't wait to meet my baby smile

I had my second c-section 3 weeks ago. It was a lot better than my first. I had less pain and was up and about a lot quicker. I was back driving a week later. I had a little boy, I now have two wonderful boys.
Goo luck with yours.
Thank you smile

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