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Absolutely petrified......... Lock Rss

Hi there, hoping that any Mum or qualified professional (RN/Midwife) out there can help with this topic.
I'm a Mum of 2 boys (6 & 3) and a few weeks ago (to our complete shock) found out that we were expecting a third (the boys had been planned pregnancies - this one however, definitely wasn't planned).
I had an emergency C-Sec with the 1st (after unsuccessfully trying for a natural birth), and the 2nd was an Elective (I had read up A LOT on VBACs and discussed with Midwives & Drs about my options - but because I was so traumatised with the 1st birth, I couldn't decide on what to do about the 2nd - so the Drs made the call and advised that it would be better for me to have an Elective as I was so worried/stressed about the whole birth/delivery process).
So I'm now pregnant with my 3rd baby, and really frightened that it means I'll have to have a 3rd C-Sec as I know (and have been told by the Hospital) that a VBAC is out of the question. Is there anyone out there who has had 3 C-Secs, and what were your experiences? Or is there anyone who is having a 3rd C-Sec, and what are your thoughts/what have you been told by the Drs/Midwives?


I have had 3 c-sec's and will be having my 4th in December.
May I ask, how was your elective c-sec?
I ask because my first was unplanned and I went through the whole labor and 2 1/2 hours of pushing and the recovery after my first c-sec was a lot harder than my electives. I found my electives were such a better experience. I knew what to expect, things were way more relaxed and easy. My elective c-sec's were good experiences.

I suggest you do a lot of research, watch vids on youtube (non gory ones if you can't stand the thought of blood etc.. lol) and ask lots of questions to your midwife and doc. Also read through this forum and other forums, you will probably find some reassurance.
Good luck to you and congrats on your little one!
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