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C Section over Natural Birth???? Lock Rss

I have 10 weeks before bub number 2 is due and its playing on my mind as what is the best option. I had an emergency C Section for my first and Doctors say it is better to have a repeat C section. I'm not so sure as the recovery for me was just too long. Just wondering what anyone else did and what others opinion might be. Thanks in advance. Michelle
Hi there,
VBACs are definitely possible. You need to weigh up the risks between a vbac and the risks of a c/s.Often vbac has less risk, but it really depends on your c/s and it will depend on the attitude of your care provider. You need to go to someone that supports it. Otherwise they say you can "attempt" a vbac but their policies are so strict that you really have to be a textbook case every step of the way and lets face it.... thats a rarity. There are plenty of vbac people on here and there are support groups.
Always remember it is your body and you decide.
Michellecoptiger wrote:
I have 10 weeks before bub number 2 is due and its playing on my mind as what is the best option. I had an emergency C Section for my first and Doctors say it is better to have a repeat C section. I'm not so sure as the recovery for me was just too long. Just wondering what anyone else did and what others opinion might be. Thanks in advance. Michelle

Hey Michelle... Just wondering why you had to have an emergency c-section the 1st time around.

In my case, DS was a big baby and after 4 dys of on/off labour I was induced. 2 hrs after the induction, i was told i would likly need a c-section anyway. During the c-section during they needed to use forceps to pull him out of my pelvis. No 2 is expected to be a big baby too and I decided to have a c-section as I don't believe I would be able to have a VBac. I was lucky with the 1st c-section thou healing very quickly with minimal discomfort. Hoping for the same this time.

Hi Michelle

I had an emergency c.section with my first after a 26 hr labour due to him being breech.
Im really happy to tell you that i achieved a VBAC with my second and had no complications what so ever.
I laboured with her for 7 hrs start to finish with no pain relief.
Im now having my 3rd and there is now way id opt for another c.section. Healing time is so much quicker and you can actually drive yourself about and not have to rely on other people.
Its such a great feeling after giving birth knowing that you did it all by yourself and didnt need the help of others to do it.

what ever you decide speak to you Dr or midwife about it and see what they think.
Hope this was a little bit of help to you.

All the best xx
I had an emergency C-section with my first, and due to the complications with that i have no choice but to have another c-section this time, but i am totally happy with this. I didnt find the recover too bad and found the more i made myself move around the faster and easier i healed so i am hoping it will be the same this time.
im booked in for 12th October smile Can't wait
It's not that it is "better" to have a repeat c-section, it is about risks. There is a small risk that you can suffer a uterine rupture, but seeing you have only had 1 previos c-section, the risk is very low. Here is an article about the risk:

In the end, you need to do your research, weigh up all of the risks and decide what is best for you. Good luck!
I had a emergancy c section with my first due to him being breech and my 2nd and 3rd were both naturals with no complications nexcept one being early, I found that 15 mins that I was feeling better after having a natural birth, but in the end it is what you decide what is best for you. I one thing I will say they did want me to have a epi as soon as I went into labour but I refused, but if you do decide to go natural you will be monitered as soon as you get to the hospital. Good luck with what you decide

I had a emergency c-sec with DS1 and just had another emergency c-sec with DS2. I went in to have my waters broken and within an hour or so DS2 became bradycardic and we decided on a c-sec. DS1 was 4.25kg (9pd6) and DS2 was 4.58kg (10pd) so both big babies and I am not that big. I was prepared to give VBAC a go but just didn't happen. Hard decision to make ahead of time though!

Oh and I recovered alot quicker from this c-sec as I wasn't in labour for 30 hours like with DS1!

Hi ladies.
I have been going over the same decision lately. After meeting with the VBAC clinic and all the restrictions and limits they put on vbac cases it is easier to stay home and have a repeat c/s than travel to the city and have a failed labour and end in a c/s
I wonder why they even have a special unit when they are not really that supportive of VBAC.
But I'm happy with my choice and and very anxious to see my Dr next wk to get c/s date in approx 8 wks

Young people learn from experience. So who are we to try and stop them

Im glad im not the only one in this situation. I have 3 weeks to go and still not sure whats the best... I will have to wait until after i see my Dr on Fri and see if bub has turned...Im really nervous but excited about baby 2...
Hi ladies

I was of the same thought that natural birth is easier and better if you want more kids, etc but sadly I have had 2 csections. I went into hospital convinced everything was going to work out fine for number 2 and I would have a natural birth but after a long labour I ended up having a csection. And what they don't tell you is that the outside lining of your uterus which is very strong, as it has to be to stretch and accommodate a baby for 40 weeks is that when you go into labour the lining gets spongey and thinner and is more prone to ripping and tearing especially if there is a previous csection scar and this can lead to complications. Having been through it I would advise anyone who is trying to do a VBAc after a csection to have an elective csection, especially if you want to go on to have another baby.
True everyone should make the decision that best suits their situation. There is only a small risk of rupture during pregnancy, the biggest risk of rupture is during the labour. Unfortunately if you do end up having a csection after a long labour the uterine wall is weak and can rip/tear badly when they open you up. I was lucky that I did not bleed too much so did not need a transfusion and that they could stitch me back up completely. My obstetrician explained to me a few days after this #2 csection that he has had to do hysterectomies and tubal ligations if there is not enough to stitch up or if the scarring left over is so bad as to mean that it would be life threatening for the woman to have another pregnancy. They never told me any of this when I was planning to have a VBAC. Make sure you know as much as you can when making your decision, even if it means getting 2 or 3 different obstetric opinions.
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