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Ipswich hospital and c-section Lock Rss

Hey I was just wondering if anyone has been through Ipswich and chosen c-section. For my first little man I wanted a complete natural birth instead it ended up in an emergency c-section after the hell I went through while in labour I'm wanting to have a c-section again this time but was wondering if Ipswich hospital will allow this?? Thanks in advanced smile


Hi, I to had an emergancy c sectiondue to breach with my first and I have elsected to have a c section again and yes I requested this at Ipswich Hospital, I was told to think about it and had the midwife try and talk me out of it but when I saw the doctor and he asked I told him I knew what I was in for with a c section and have a great support team at home. Good Luck (just dont mention that you want one because of bub being in breach as they now turn babies if they are
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