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Can I have ore kids or not? so confused... Lock Rss

K so 11ish months ago my ds was born via emergency caesarian when the surgeons were stitching me up she said you'll never be able to have any more children,at the time I didn't think much of it.

Hubby took t to mean I couldn't naturally have any more children so caesarian would be ok,this is only his point of veiw but then wouldn't the surgeon have just told me that?.

My midwife never said anything just talked about contraception and that sort of thing I never thought about any of this at the time but now we want another baby and want to know in the future weather we can.

If it was serious they would've talked to u more about it and the option of permanent contraception. So I'd go see that Dr again if u can or go c the GP n get them to do some tests n checks. Maybe ur uterus was on the thinner side at delivery? That normally happens after more than one child but every woman heals differently... N over years it does thicken up gradually to a degree. smile
Unless something MAJOR happened u can still have more kids and they should've discussed it with u and why properly at the post partum checks smile

Thanks girls smile Hubby told me not to worry.

I just don't get why someone would say that the second you've had a baby its not a very nice thing to hear and then midwife talking about contraception...all a bit confusing.

Dani + 1 wrote:
Do you think that maybe she said something like you'll never want to have more children? I agree with PP, if it was something so serious they would have discussed with you out of the operating room.

I know during my c sect I was pretty out of it and didn't understand what was being said/done. I tried to sit up at one point. Also ripped the blood pressure thing off my arm a few times lol

Was def you can't have any more children and I remember at the time because my reply was I'll be more tha happy with this one lol and hubby heard it too.

I did wonder if I had misheard aswell,I was drugged up to the max lol but hubby heard it clear as a whistle.

Dani + 1 wrote:
what a bizarre thing to say. definately worth investigating! Are you planning number 2? wink

Sometime down the track its just nice to know If I can smile

thats is deifintely something weird to say especially coming from a surgeon!
Unless something major happened i would say you could have more children.
i had a emergency ceasarean with my first child and then 16 months after she was born i had a elective ceasarean with my second child.

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