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Hi everyone,
After having numerous complications with my pregnancy I needed up having my little boy 'Jett' at 32 weeks. He is now 34 weeks but I'm still really struggling with the fact that he is in hospital and Seperated from me. Have any other mums been through this that can offer me some words of wisdom!? smile
Hi, Congrats smile
I feel for you.
My dd3 was born at 30 weeks. Im from a small country town and we were sent to a big city hospital when my waters broke at 29 wks. So i had no family around. Mum and dad tried to bring my 2 older girls in when they could. She was born xmas eve night. I was kept on the ward for 2 nights and then i had to stay in Ronald Mcdonald house for 1 night, then she was transferred back to my hospital where she stayed in special care for 6 weeks. I lived 45 min away form the hospital and it was sooo hard to leave her there every night. I would wake get the girls breakfast then we would go to the hosp. We would spend all day up there and as it got dark we would go home for dinner. I lost 15 kg in the first 2 weeks and had friends bringing me food to make sure i was eating because i was too stressed to eat. After a few weeks my mum came and stayed at my place so she could watch my girls while i went up, it was too much on them going up every day.

take it a day at a time. It was hard watching other babies go home and knowing mine was going to be there a while longer, but you just need to focus on one day at a time.
Look after yourself, you will be no good to bub if you are worn out.
If friends offer to help with meals, cleaning etc, accept it.

My dd4 was 5 weeks early and only spent 2 nights in special care and i stayed in the ward the whole time so it was alot easier.

Every time you have a premmie your chances go up for the next one to be a premmie, so i am classed as high risk for number 5 to be a prem too.

Atleast bub is in the best place to get the care needed. While your not there, there are loving nurses there. Just breathe, and try to relax
All the best
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