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If you are petite.... Lock Rss one of my friends last night said to me "sorry I love you, but you are definitely going to need to have a caesarian". Was a bit annoyed by the comment.

Anyway, I am only about 158cm, weighed about 53 kgs when I fell pregnant, but DH is about 6ft and I dunno maybe 85 kg, so much taller/bigger frame etc...

So does being smaller definitely mean you will need to have a caesarian? Or does it not matter? I wanted to try for vaginal birth...

Any opinions?

Sorry but your friend's an idjit! Lol. If that was the case all women weighing under a certain amount would be automatically booked for a c/s, and what does she think petite women did before c/s were around? Your birth canal is not relative to your weight and wider hipped women do not necessarily have an easier time birthing (trust me!) Statements like that annoy me as they serve no purpose other than trying to scare you. I'm sure if your ob or middy think there's going to be a problem they'll let you know. smile

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So your friend knows you internal width does she? It's about your pelvic size.
Stupid bloody comment. If that was the case then no-one small framed would ever have given birth in the dark ages before ceasars were an option.
Your friend doesn't know what she's talking about. I'm 157cm and was about 55kg before I was pregnant. I gave birth to a 4.3kg baby without a c & no stitches!
There were complications but they were complications that run in my family and were not due to my size or my boys.
Good luck!

Aww thanks girls, yeah was so annoyed that she thought she was such an expert about it.

Pal24 wrote:
Aww thanks girls, yeah was so annoyed that she thought she was such an expert about it.

Everyone thinks they're an expert these days!
Sounds like you are about same size as me & babies the size of mine are not that common so I'm sure you'll be fine unless there are other reasons for a c.

That is not true.

I'm 156CM, I weigh 50kg and I've birthed 2 boys each 3.5kg without pain relief or any intervention.
you don't need to try for a vaginal birth. You are having a vaginal birth unless a medical reason presents itself.

your friend has no idea what she is talking about. you can be the one to show her that it doesn't matter what size you are. All the best with it!
Thanks everyone, yeah thats what I first thought after she said it, "I'll prove you wrong!!" lol.

I had people tell me this too. I'm 155cm and was 45kg pre pregnancy and wearing size 4 jeans. I had a 3.6kg baby vaginally. She got mildy stuck but there were no other issues. Don't worry about what people say, just take what comes

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Oh and because I had AA boobs apparently I would have no milk either... well not only did I breastfeed fully until 14 months but I had so much milk I donated 5 litres to a milk bank and still had enough to return to work at 9 months and continue to breastfeed and express without any formula until we weaned.

People can be really wrong about these things and all it does is sow a seed of self doubt.

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Yep people making comments like that really dont help anyone.

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