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If you are petite.... Lock Rss

mummy on the run wrote:
So your friend knows you internal width does she? It's about your pelvic size.
Stupid bloody comment. If that was the case then no-one small framed would ever have given birth in the dark ages before ceasars were an option.

+ 1 lmao more genuis people with 'advice' lol.

like the other ladies said what a load of utter crud

im 159cm and sit around 47-50kg. im a tiny frame too i wear a 6-8.

my DH is 6 foot 3 and 100kg...i birthed 3 babies naturally who were all 9poundish. and i didnt ever tear once. and my longest labour was 6hours.

does this friend have kids by any chance?
Yeah she has two kids, first was born by emergency c section, the other was elective c section...

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