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A myriad of complications and another c-section for future pregnancies Lock Rss

Hi all
It's been a while since I've been on here!
DH and I have decided we would like 1 last addition to our family, however we are a bit apprehensive about it at the moment because of the complications we experienced in the past.
My 1st and 2nd pregnancies ended in miscarriage before my 1st son was born at 38 weeks with no problems. I was pregnant again when DS1 was about 8 months old and everything seemed fine except bub was measuring small for gest. age. At 20 week scan found out I had placenta previa but was told not to worry as it would prob correct itself. At 25 weeks I had a bleed and was admitted to hospital on bed rest. 2 days later I had a scan and was told that the baby had IUGR so badly it would die within the next 2 weeks. The placenta was apparently 'jelly-like' and was not providing enough blood flow to the baby. 4.5 weeks later the baby was still alive and slowly growing. Dr's said they would deliver once baby was over 1kg to increase it's chance of survival. At 29.5 weeks I had a big bleed and DS2 was born by emergency c/s that morning. It was a classic c/s and i was told any further children would need to be delivered by c/s - no more vaginal births for me.
I was sent home 4 days after the c/s and straight away noticed a small lump protruding from just under my navel when I coughed. Thought nothing of it til 6 months later, had a scan and sure enough I had a hernia. 4 years on I FINALLY had it repaired however the 2cm hole they thought was there, was joined by about 6 other 2cm holes spanning from under navel to pubic bone. So instead of a small mesh repair I had a massive mesh repair.
2 weeks after the surgery I found out I was pregnant again, and due to the surgery and complications last time we were advised to terminate the pregnancy. It was the hardest decision I ever made but I know we made the right decision for our family.
Now 6 months on I feel like I am ready physically for another and DH and I really want one last bub. I am just so shit scared that I will have complications again and have to go through multiple surgeries again. I will hopefully be seeing an OB soon to discuss the potential risks. I also want to have a partial hysterectomy after the next one for a number of reasons, and I'm worried about teh complications that could cause as well.
Has anyone else been in a similar situation? what did you do? I'm ovulating next week and I just want to start trying now, but I know I really should wait to see OB. I want this more than anything at the moment and it's really starting to consume me!!!

Sorry for the life story, I need to get this off my chest and talk it through with someone! DH just doesn't seem to understand.
I have not been in this situation but I agree with your decision to see an OB first before you start trying to discuss the risks and see if it is a good time for you physically. I'm sorry for your losses, I hope all goes well!
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