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**UPDATE** How long after c-sec can you have another? Lock Rss

Hello, again!

So, I swore black and blue that I wouldn't have another child and now, just 19 weeks after the first, we've started wondering about another *GULP*!

I have to admit, if it was purely for me I don't think I would have another baby but my husband would like a second and I think it'd be nice for our son to have a brother or sister. I already hate the thought of him being all alone at Christmas/Easter etc when we're old (or dead)!

So, anyway, how long after a c-section can you get pregnant again? I wouldn't do anything right this minute but am thinking that, if we're going to do this, I would rather get it out of the way, have them both together, survive three years of hell and then move along then get my son all grown up, sleeping, eating etc and then have to go through all of that again!

He's first birthday is in August, I think I would like to be pregnant by then...possible?

Thanks again
Hey hun smile I have had csections and my first 2 csections were only 14mths apart so I conceived DD when DS was 5.5-6mths old! N I love the close gap! Most OBs have varying opinions but both my 2 (both been doing it 33 and 38yrs respectively!) said that there's no reason to DELAY TTC just because of a previous csection if your fully healed and feel up to it smile I healed super quick after both my csections n never had dramas from Either csection recovery. Recovered even faster the second time n was out after 2 nights grin
So it's definitely possible of u guys want to TTC and have a close gap. This time I'm going to have a bigger gap which scares me lol. But once again a csection is booked and that means its my 3rd one in 4yrs. My drs haven't seen any issues from it! Xx Though with a VBAC if your interested in that they prefer a minimum 6months post partum before TTC (so no TTC straight away) n preferably 9-12... But as I said that's some drs. MY 2 never had issues with a close gap n I was offered a VBAC with my second but ended up going with another csection anyway xx so it's totally up to u guys and when you're both ready!
Good luck xxxx

I think it takes 12-18 months for the c/s scar to heal to its full potential.
My midwife told me a minimum of 12 months is what they recommend. We conceived DS when DD was about 14 months and went on to have a vbac. smile's me..Blee wink

Axiom wrote:
They recommend waiting 18 months to TTC so that the scar can heal properly - otherwise there's a higher risk of uterine rupture/dehiscence

My OBs actually told me a csection scar is FULLY healed to its full potential at the 12mth mark and it won't get 'stronger' with more time. That There was no evidence to suggest otherwise!
N although I only had 14mths between my first 2 they said my chance of rupture in pregnancy was no higher than a woman who had a 2-3yrs between csections or births... I'm not sure about VBAC because they always say that your chance of rupture is higher in those instances but as long as u have more than 12mths between births I don't see the problem. My aunt had her 2 first only 12mths n 3days apart - first a csection n 2nd a very successful VBAC with no complications.
BUT I do think it's a lot to do with how an individual heals too... Like I've NEVER had issues from my csections. Whereas my cousins one n only csection scarred her emotionally from the trauma (botched epi, excessive blood loss and tearing of her uterus as it was her 4th bub n was very thin) sad
As long as one gets approval from their OB or the Dr that done the procedure I don't see why one couldn't TTC when they're ready smile xx

Thanks everyone, lots of varying ideas on this one!

I actually have a doctor's appointment on Tuesday so will ask him what he thinks too and then, ultimately, ask the Ob, I guess!
I have just under 12 mths between my first 2. No probs with scar healing. Had dd3 18 mths after previous c-section and again no probs. Had last c-section 2 yrs after 3rd c-section. So in total have had 4 c-sections in 4 1/2 yrs! Each time scar was checked the doc always commented that it had healed nicely.

Axiom wrote:
V_1990 wrote:
My OBs actually told me a csection scar is FULLY healed to its full potential at the 12mth mark and it won't get 'stronger' with more time. That There was no evidence to suggest otherwise!

That's not actually true. Wound healing occurs in different stages - and the final maturation or remodelling stage can take up to 2 years. During this stage the wound is still at risk of breaking down, and the final scar is only 80% as strong as original tissue. It is true that some people heal faster than others - but as a general guideline they say complete healing usually occurs by about 18 months.

Well I trust my OBs' n I know opinions vary from person to person in the medical field. My scar healed superbly both times with no dramas. But I do heal well. I think it's best women seek the advice of their drs on things like this smile because it's so individual! Xx

An update on this one too after seeing doctor today...

He said we can try again for another baby, starting now! Not that I want to start right now now but, at least I know it's ok to do so.
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