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**UPDATE** How long did your pain last for? Lock Rss

Hi all

I had my little boy 19 weeks ago now and still have terrible pain in my belly. It's not at the cut, it's above the cut, inside, where I imagine the muscles (and layers of fat) are!

I have actually booked an appt with my Doctor for next week to get another referral to go back to the Ob because I am starting to worry...I don't think it should still be this sore almost five months later. How long did your pain last for?

My period is also still out of whack even though I have been back on the pill for 13 weeks. It comes and goes 3-4 days on, 2 days off, a week on, a few days off. It's terrible!
Little Miss's wrote:
The belly pain is not normal. I had 2 CS and had no pain after a few weeks. I'd get that checked. Also might need a new pill if that one isn't working for you. smile

I agree with little Miss's. I had no pain after a week lol! But I heal superbly well...

Though I know that u can get adhesions between scar tissue and organs like the bladder etc n they're very painful and get worse with subsequent pregnancies from the pulling etc. but I'd definitely get it checked! Fingers crossed nothing too serious xx

Sounds like Your contraceptive isn't working with your body very well. There are other options out there So ask your Dr about them when u get checked out! Most of them have side effects but u might find a more suitable one! smile

Little Miss's wrote:
V_1990 wrote:
1I agree with little Miss's. I had no pain after a week lol! But I heal superbly well.

Lol me too. Super healers!! I think I took 2 pain killers while in hospital both times and then took Panadol from then on. smile. Not the scary recovery I had planned.

Same haha tongue the midwives thought I was crazy for not wanting to take their drugs!! I had 2 doses of panadol for the first 36hrs only n that was it. I felt fine once I was out of bed n moving! Great births grin looking forward to my next in 5wks! Well except I haven't had a bub at this particular hospital yet n they wanna keep me in 4 days minimum :/ I was out on the morning of day 3 with DD n was soooo glad to get home lol. Hated being in 5/6days with DS! Xx

Thanks for the replies.

In the hospital I was quite good too. I only used a couple of shots of pethedene on the first day and then panadeine forte because I was suffering from pubic symphositis (not that the panadeine helped anyway)!

It's just now, a long time after the fact, that the pain is still there that I think it's odd...anyway, will see what Doc and Ob say next week.

Thanks again!
Just wanted to keep you all updated.

Went to doc today and he said pain isn't normal this far in so, going for an ultrasound on Friday to rule out things like infection. If it's still there after that he will refer me back to the Gyno.
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