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Just Booked a c-sec coz of breech baby..very nervous Lock Rss

So I had my doc appointment yday and baby is breech, I'm nearly 38 weeks so they have had to book me in 4 a sec on the 17th jan as they said baby could, but most likely won't turn now.

I'm trying all the home ideas until then as I'm not very keen on the docs trying to turn him as it can cause stress to the baby, might not work and who knows what they are doing to your insides. Anyways, I really wasn't keen on a c sec as I hav a 17 month old but all that matters is that we get a healthy baby.

I know nothing though nd hav so many things running through my head. Has any1s baby turned on there own at 38 weeks? How long is recovery from a c sec? Is it really hard with a toddler or is t it as bad as it seems? How long we're u in hospital?

I'm also scared now that I'll go into labour b4 my scheduled date. My last labour was 4 hrs so worried they won't have time to do an emergency c sec. Has any1 given birth while baby was breech?
My baby was alternating between breech, transverse and head down right up until she was born at 38w 6d so it's definintely possible for them to still turn at 38 weeks.

If you really are worried about having a c-section talk with your doctor it is possible to deliver a breech baby naturally but maybe you can just wait until you go into labour and have the c-section then if the baby still isn't in the right position. You always have choices

Forever, for always and no matter what

Both my mum and my sister were breech babies delivered naturally.

There is a hospital in Newcastle NSW that specialises in delivering breech babies naturally so they deffinately still do it! I'm sure it can be done at many other hospitals naturally. They just don't specialise in it.

Both DS1 and DS2 were breech and delivered via C-section.

My recovery from both was fantastic.

With DS1(born 9:30am) I was up just after lunch walking around the ward without any pain what so ever.

With DS2 my legs were still a bit wobbly but fine after about 6hrs.

Even once the pain killers wore off the only time I felt pain was when I moved too quickly and would get a bit of a sharp pain in my stomach.

DD1 was 15 months old when DS1 was born but I had no real issues looking after her!

DD2 was 19 months old when DS2 was born and although she was a much more demanding baby than DD1 I still had no problems caring for all my kids!

With DS1 I was given the option to attempt a natural delivery but was strongly advised against it. (I also have other medical conditions that made it higher risk.) We chose to go with the C-sec. as we wanted whatever the safest option for our baby was!

Not everyone has a recovery as good as mine were but they're not all as bad as many of the ones you hear about! Hopefully you will have a good recovery too.

Oh, a friend of mine had her baby turn the day prior to her planned C-section. She worked at the hospital so checked daily just in case!

My main thing is to have a healthy and safe delivery for my baby so I know a c section will be better. I guess just after a vaginal delivery with dd1, although it was extremely painful, it was over and the recovery is much quicker.

Thanks for your tips, I will make sure I keep them in mind. Its good to hear little things u dnt think of. I don't have family near me, do I was a bit worried about needing help but now I have a date locked in I can arrange for my mum to fly up for a couple weeks. I'm just hoping now I dont go Into labour.

Im sure I'm just worrying myself ova nothin as plenty of women cope with a toddler nd c section, it's just my little girl is quite a demanding one lol.

Just another quick question, can u breastfeed on the pain Killers?
Also, what underwear is best? Funny question I know lol nd pj bottoms or would a night shirt/dress b better for the scar?
They recommend only using panadol while breast feeding but I was offered codeine as well with the panadol. I was just warned it can make bub drowsy. My friend was on endone after her c/s but I wanted to avoid it. I'm lucky I only needed regular panadol for the first 36hrs n was fine smile
As for underwear... Huge comfy ones! Granny knickers or full brief types are recommended u know! Anything that isn't low bikini cut is ok though n get a size or 2 bigger than u normally are so they aren't tight across ur abdomen. I wore my normal undies. Just cheap ones that I didn't mind staining. It's a very low incision smile
Nighties are best at first I found n nice and comfy n don't add pressure to ur scar! But I also had maternity pjs that were loose n comfy n didn't pressure my scar so it's individual preference. For day clothes I wore mostly tights and a feeding tshirt or tank. Comfy n stretchy smile this time I have the option of feeding or button up dresses also n a stretchy black skirt with a band u can roll up or down for comfort!
I've had 2 csections n healed so fast from both of them. So they aren't necessarily the end of the world! I loved mine n I'm having a 3rd in 5wks xx my first 2 were 14mths apart n my DS was a runner n very very active and FULL ON toddler but I managed fine as a single mum of 2 even after a csection! I'm sure u will be fine smile
Good luck xxxx

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