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Low lying placenta Lock Rss

OK so my story is this..
At my 19 week scan I was told that I had a low lying placenta (1.4 cm from cervix) but not touching or covering at all. I was told not to worry, as the vast majority of the time they move up and out of the was as the uterus grows, but that I would need another scan to check later on..
So I pretty much forgot about it and assumed that it would move..

I had a scan at 34 weeks and it had moved.. but only to 1.8cm from cervix so really not a lot at all..

Was told don't worry some move a lot in that last period as the uterus grows rapidly. my midwife showed the head obstetrician at the hospital and he recommended another scan at 38 weeks, but was happy to let me have a trial of labor should it happen before then.

So off I went to my 38 week scan this morning.. at a different place (one recommended to me by a work friend, we are both nurses, her hubby works there) was scanned by the head radiographer.. and he said it is very close.. about 1.0 cm. He got the Radiologist to come and see me and they were very through, so I am confident that this is accurate.

sooo I contacted my midwife and I now have an appointment on Monday to see an Obstetrician (up until now I have had only midwife care) and to discuss a plan of action.

I was just wondering if anyone had been in this situation and what the out come was? I know that cesarean is a distinct possibility, and while I find this very disappointing I know I am at a greater risk of significant bleeding.. at the end of the day me and baby being healthy is the main thing...

I have done a lot of preparation for a drug free vaginal birth, so need to get my head around a potential cesarean, but has anyone had a successful vaginal birth with a low lying placenta?

Sorry if this was a bit of a ramble..
I had a low lying placenta with my second. It started at about the same distance as yours. My OB said by 34 weeks it should have moved out of the way if it was going to and it had to be 5cm or more for a natural delivery otherwise it would be in the way and the cervix wouldn't open properly. I was fortunate and mine had moved well before the 34 weeks luckily because i ended up delivering at 34+1. My understanding was if it hadn't moved it was to risky and had to be an automatic c-section but I could be wrong and every hospital and dr have different policies.

Good luck, hope you get the delivery you want.
Thanks for your reply
I have been told (and read many things) but the general consensus seems to be 2 cm, with some obs happy with 1 cm, though I have heard up to 5 cm..

It was explained to me today the way that the cervix dilates it actually moves up and out of the way to about 5 cm, though that is still considered close and there is a greater risk of bleeding..

I guess that will find out more when I see an Ob on Monday, but have already been told by several people that obstetricians often don't agree on what is best/safest...
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