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Baby choking of mucous 2nd day after c-section Lock Rss

Hi My first baby was born via emergency caesarean. With both my babys on around the 2nd day they had a choking episode which required nurses to rush in and use suction equipment to clear their airway. After it happened to my first I spoke to midwifes who told me that it can happen to a caesarean born baby as the mucous in their windpipes isn't squeezed out like it would be in a vaginal birth. One told me that they used to suction caesarean born babies as soon a born but it its not current practice due to it being deemed unesessary trauma to the baby. Mind you it was traumatic to watch my baby turn dusky coloured and struggling to breath.
With my 3rd baby due via caesarean in March I would like to hear any feedback from other mothers whose babies have had a similar problem. Also has anyone had their babies suctioned out at birth.
My 2nd was an emergency c-section I would deffiantly look in to why they don't suction at birth I thought they did when DS was born he had a lot of breathing problems he was put on a suction machine to clean his air ways abd oxgen he had to be transfered to a childrens hospital on arrival stoped breathing but I want told this till weeks later but my mum sad

My son was not a c-section baby but when he finally came he came quickly in just 3 pushes. It's very scary and I will never forget the feeling of helplessness when I watched my son struggling. I don't have any advice other than I know how you felt and its scary.

My last baby was a very quick vaginal delivery adn very mucus-y as a result - we only had to call the nurses once though, when he went blue around the lips. I am having my last baby by c-section this Friday (she is breech) and am worried about her being mucus-y too... is there anything we should do or that they can do (other than the suctioning at birth) to stop the blue lips incidents happening? I couldn't sleep in hospital, wondering if it would happen while i was sleeping!
I know how you feel KSJ78 After my first baby going through a choking episode on mucous I found it dificult to not worry about my 2nd doing the same. I ended up giving my 2nd baby to the nurses at night because i needed to sleep and i was worried she too could have a episode and i would miss it while asleep. Sure enough she did have her episode while in the care of the nurses so i'm unsure of exactly what happened but they did tell me they needed to suction. Aparently babys should be able to dislodge any mucous obstruction themselves. Aparently it is considered undue trauma to suction routinely at birth with risks outwaying the needs. Aparently i was very unlucky to have both my babys require assistance a couple of days after birth. I guess i just got to hope my next baby due March isn't so mucousy. I think most hospitals offer to take babys at night time to allow you some sleep so at least you can rest knowing if your baby does need some help dislodging mucous the nurses will be there watching.
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