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People think I am crazy Lock Rss

Ok so I am 8 weeks with twins and after my son (5yrs ago) I was told next bubs I need to have a c section.... That's fine but I am electing to be totally knocked out as it sounds like a horror movie being awake while someone cuts me open i know I won't feel anything but I can not do it.... So I said something to my mother in law and all she could care about is not being able to see them straight away..... I was so annoyed and now she is trying to convince my husband to convince me it's a bad idea..... Anyone else been knocked out how did it go and when did u see ur bubs?
My sister was knocked out for her c section and she regrets not seeing her baby till almost 2 hrs after she was born at the time she did not even no if it was a boy or a girl she would like to be awake to remeber her baby being born into this world. i have had 2 c section and will have a 3rd in june both my experince have been different the first it was rushed but still ok as i saw him srtight away the second was planed and it was an amazing experince but i dont get frecked out by bood or anything i just look at hubby the hole time the doing what they need to do my sisters hubby also was not aloud in to the therter as she was knocked out both times hubby was there

I was knocked out with all of my c-sections. I had a spinal fusion when i was younger and they were unable to get an epidural in:( With my first i saw bubs after a few hrs, but df was with her the whole time, (after c-section). Unfortunately df isnt allowed in the theatre. I was always the second person to hold bubs, MIL and SIL were also at hospital but df wouldnt them hold girls until i did:)

Honestly I wouldn't trade those first moments for the world... I didn't have sections but seeing them take their first breath is amazing. And that moment where they're lifted up and you see their face for the first time... They are covered in vernix and in natures rawest form. And for me saw what sex they were at that time too. To wake up a few hours later the baby would already be clothed and it would have missed out on that initial skin to skin contact.

I don't really understand your fear... If there's no pain an you can't see anything what's there to worry about? The same thing is going to happen to your body whether you're awake or asleep.

The decision is ultimately up to you. A few things worth considering though...

Firstly the general anaesthetic poses more risk to the babies than a spinal block (which is typically used for a section). The risk is that the anaesthetic will affect their ability to breathe independently after the birth for a short while - so they might need a bit of help getting them started.

The other thing is for you - not sure if you've had a general but most people are very groggy post GA. It might be quite a few hours before you get to cuddle your babies if you are too drowsy as the midwives won't allow you to hold the babies if you are falling asleep. Also you may not really remember the first cuddles because of the drugs used.

Like I said, up to you. I can understand the fear of being awake for surgery, I think that is natural but you will be covered by a big drape so you can't see and all you will feel is some pressure and pulling and it will be over within a few minutes and you will be distracted by your beautiful babies.

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Hi there smile

I had an elective c section with my daughter and i was petrified...i asked if i was able to have a general but my ob, midwives and family and friends all talked me out of it...and I am so glad that I listened to them. For me the lead up to surgery was the worst, once i was in the theatre, there was no time to be scared...the medical team and my husband were all great, kept me busy talking and laughing, and before i knew it i was cuddling my baby girl while they finished stitching me up. It was a beautiful experience wub

Unfortunately i have been told that i might need a general if i choose to have any more children sad and the thought of it now really upsets me...the thought of not sharing those special first special hours is heartbreaking! i can't believe i was originally going to ask for a general the first time round!!

This is just my experience...everyones different and I know in some cases a general is the only option...but if i have a choice, and its safe...i would have another C-section whilst awake in a heartbeat smile

Oh and also...i had a couple of midwives tell me that having a general to deliver a baby can result in a higher chance of mum developing PND...not sure how true that is though, just something to think about i guess smile

Hope this helps you a bit...goodluck with your pregnancy and decision smile
It's your choice, but a C section really isn't that bad! I actually thought it was beautiful smile
It feels like you're a handbag and someone is looking for their keys in your belly. The whole process is calm and everyone knows what they're doing. It seriously only takes 5 minutes for them to get the baby out, and the nurses bring the baby to you while they're sewing you up, so you're distracted (and pain free). When I had mine, they had my labour playlist playing in the theatre, everyone was in a good mood and it was just lovely and special.

Your body, your choice. I was awake for my C-section and it really wasn't bad (and I can't stand the pain of getting my brows waxed lol). They have a big blue sheet up above your tummy and as long as you avoid looking at the smudged reflection in the metal light above, you can't see a thing. My DP sat by my head to chat and we just kept exchanging glances as if it say "well, this is surreal. Oh, they just handed us a baby". DP is very squeamish but he was also fine and it really is a magical moment. I guess too you need to factor in if there is an increased risk from having a general rather than an epidural. But if you want the GA they are your babies and anyone who disapproves will just have to suck it up.
Like the others have said it is up to you what you want to do. I had an elective c-section for dd2 and overall I found it to be a beautiful experience. I didn't enjoy the spinal block going in but once I was numb everything was fine. I didn't feel any pain, just a bit of tugging. Dh was with me and I got to see dd2 as soon as she was born. Once they cleaned her up and dh cut the cord, he had cuddles while they stiched me up. I was to in awe of her to worry about what was going on. When I was in recovery I had skin to skin contact and she had her 1st feed. You do get a bit nervous beforehand but once your in theatre all your fears go away. I'm so grateful that I was awake to see my little girl for the 1st time, those are memories that will stay with me forever. smile
When my mum had me, I was born by c-section but mum had a general anaesthetic. Dad was the 1st one to see me after I had my 1st bath and feed. Mum was quite out of it for a few hours and I think she was upset she couldn't be awake for my birth.
Good luck with whatever you decide. smile

i havent been through it but i think that its your body so its your decision what you do with it. its your choice what you want to do as long as you know what you are doing an its an informed decision. nobody should tell you what you should or shouldnt be doing with your body.

I was petrified as well when I was booked in for my c/s and my first words to my OB were knock me out I don't want to feel anything at all eg. Spinal, tugging. But she talked me out of it and I didn't feel anything at all I was so surprised!( I think I was probably in shock it was happening so quick it got brought forward 3 days and was told come back in 2 hours he's coming out today.) anyway it is your choice but just know I'm a real wuss when it came to my c/s and I would do it again under spinal block because it was so good to see ds and hold him straight away. Good luck with your decision and remember its yours no one else's.
melmul wrote:
I was prepped for a c-section with DS & had the spinal block. They ended up using forceps which worked so the c-section wasn't needed, but I still missed out on the skin to skin & was stuck in recovery for over 2hrs, so by the time I got up to the ward DS was already dressed & had been given formula. I loved being awake to finally meet our baby, see what we had, his little face & hearing his first cry. I have been told the next one will have to be a c-section & that does worry me a little but I would rather be awake than completely knocked out. As for visitors its up to you & your husband when they come in not them smile

I was the same! Except they didn't give him formula. I was told that I could choose an elective c section next time, but don't really want to.

My issue is that now I cannot remember our first night together at *all*. My husband showed me a photo of our skin to skin after recovery and I cannot remember it. I remember him coming out and him being on my chest, my husband saying the call to prayer in his ear, it was the most beautiful thing. But then I couldn't stop shaking because of all the meds so he didn't stay with me in recovery and I didn't see him again until a few hours later. I remember when I saw him all bundled up and they wheeled both of us to the room but after that it's ... nothing! I don't remember our first feed sad I could go on and on (still feel really upset about the whole thing) but I guess my point is that if there was a way for me to be more alert I would've taken it hands down. I had a *lot* of drugs during labour and birth and you would have less than I had for a caesar. You won't forget your first moments and I would give anything to have the rest of our moments back in my mind so I'd really encourage you to be awake.

In the end it's your choice though, make sure you choose what makes you comfortable.

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