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I really didn't know how to head this topic smile
I had an emergency c section with my first child due to from what i recall he was too big, long labor resulting in him getting distressed.
I am expecting baby number two in march and i am getting a little anxious as the first c section went a tad wrong and i was put to sleep for the delivery...I find out in february after seeing a specialist as to weather i need to have a elective c section for this baby or not....i also had a appointment to see the anthetist who would do the epidrual (which failed last delievery) in febuary also which i today found out has been cancelled and i will not be seeing him, which is not putting my mind at ease!
I ideally would love to have a natrual labor but am having a little trouble trying to over come the fear of the first c section knowing i may wind up having another one this time around too.

I had an em c-section with my first as it was a long labour, he got stuck and was quite big - but, I went on to have 2 vaginal births after that without any problems.
So it's quite possible the specialist you're seeing will give you the green light to try for a natural labour - just be positive, and try not to think of your previous experience (I know that's easier said than done).

Good luck smile
Thanks Athaye smile
Awesome to hear you had 2 natrual births after your emergancy c section am really hoping that is the news i get! smile

Little Miss's im not 100% sure what exactly went wrong either all i know is nothing was numb resulting in me feeling the going ons and "being put to sleep"....I bet the difference between and elective and emergancy c section is huge and alot more calmer too smile If i have elective its a nice thought to know things will be well explained more controlled...I think natrually the fear will always be there....

Little Miss's wrote:
I just wanted to say that if you end up having an elective CS it will be completely different to an emergency. They have more time to get the spinal in and can take their time. I'm not sure what happened with your first spinal but when I had my DD2 they had to have 2 attempts as the first one didn't work. They tried a spinal block first and ended up with an epi.

Hope it all goes well for you.

Totally agree!

I had two caesars both due to my babies being breech and it was always so calm and relaxed. I'm sure if there's any issue with the drugs not working properly there will be plenty of time to sort things out!

Try and relax and all the best.

an elective CS is different to an emergency CS.
If you decide to have a VBAC, they may insist on extra monitoring and a canula, in case of any complications.
Its a hard choice, but theres a bit of time to decide!

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