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Just wondering on everyones experiences here, attempts and success rate and all that.
I had 2 csecs and when preg with my 3rd no OB in the area would allow me to try for a VBAC as it was to much of a liability, so he was also born via csec. I really had my heart set on trying for a VBAC when I found I was preg the 3rd time, and am wondering if anyone knows if you can try for a vbac with pregnancy number 4 (am not pregnant but just wondering), I know the risks of uterine rupture and all that, but I still thought it would be up to the individual to decide and if you were monitored correctly they would know if to stop labor and do a csec ?
While I do not know in regards to a VBAC for pregnancy #4, I would suggest speaking to as many OB's as you can to find one who might be truly supportive or give you a medical reason as to why they suggest you do not attempt a VBAC.

It will depend on factors as to why you needed CS and how far apart your births are. The closer they are, the more risk.

After two CS (one emergency and one elective via OB suggestion) I successfully had a VBAC with my 3rd under a different OB, and am now pregnant with my 4th. I have moved to a different area since my VBAC and am also looking for such a supportive OB.

I wish you the best of luck and if medically possible, hope you get the VBAC you long for if you should fall pregnant again!
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