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Post natal support belts... Lock Rss

Has anyone used these before? I have heard they are really good, especially after a c section, I contemplated getting one last time but I never got around to it as I only looked into it about two weeks before my c sec and this time im thinking I will try one.
I haven't used the belts. But I got the recovery shorts with my second child. They were expensive, but I did feel everything bounces back a bit quicker.

i did not know about these belt till I had DD, however i thought it was great the hospital pysho gave it to me ( standard practive for them ) i was able to move realy well after just 2 weeks still in a little bit a pain but the belt helped heaps i was not going to use it at first as it was hard to put on but when it was on things where easier, but also check with the hospital ( ours was private ) you may not have to buy one

Ive had 3 csecs at the hospital previously and they were never even mentioned to me, I heard about them through friends and thought I would try them. Not sure how soon after the op you use them though? and what are the recovery shorts? No where around us sells them so I will have to look on ebay to get hold of some.
they put mine on the following day

hey I'm so glad I saw this! I have been researching and looking into these belts too! I had an emer CS with DD just over 2 years ago and my tummy and tummy muscles have gone to the wreck! Also had back and core problems following. I'm quite keen on them! Just have so many questions for people who have them.

Here's a link, but it's in nz. Is this what you're looking for?

++ And our beautiful big 2 year old girl is very excited to be a big sister ++

Sorry for the delay,

I got my shorts from an ebay seller a lot cheaper than Recomended retail, but they were still pricey

Clax wrote:
Sorry for the delay,

I got my shorts from an ebay seller a lot cheaper than Recomended retail, but they were still pricey

Clax I've been looking into these for my next pregnancy - they have ones for during pregnancy too which I'm particularly interested in because I had lots of issue with pelvic floor strength and abdo seperation. Do you think the shorts were worth it?

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I had the pregnancy ones through my last trimester. My massage therapist recommended them. I had pelvis instability and bad lower back pain. They felt quite hot initially but then the season changed and they were fine. They helped a lot.

I also used them post pregnancy and felt everything bounced back much quicker than first time around. Expensive, but I felt they were really useful both pre and post delivery.

If you have a baby?, you want to speed up your body recovery, you can try exlura 3 in 1 postpartum support?. It really safe and good. The belt including belly belt, waist belt and pelvis belt with safety certificate?. Just have a try.
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