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C-section - OB - Private in public Lock Rss

Hi all,

I have recently found out I'm pregnant and need to start making some decisions and find it very overwhelming.

I am considering an elective c-section and the costs around this (I'm not after pros and cons for it).

I know you can be a private patient at a public hospital, which will be covered by my PHI, so I will only the excess fee. But can I use a public hospital if I have an elective c-section? My hospital will most likely be RPA as it is the closest one.

If you are having a c-section, will you have to see a private OB during the whole pregnancy, or can you have shared care with you GP?

And what are the average costs of having an OB throughout the pregnancy if you live in Sydney? And the cost of the actual c-section? I'm just trying to get an idea of the overall cost. I know it varies, but help would be appreciated.

I hope the questions make sense, my head is a bit all over the place at the moment, but in a good way

All help is appreciated
(Sorry if I have posten in the wrong forum, new to this)
I'm not sure if the costs are the same, being I am from Perth, however:

- I saw an OB throughout my entire pregnancy. Each appointment was $120.
- Mid-way through I had a "big bill" of about $2600 to pay.
- The scans done at Women's Imaging, 12 and 20 week were about $280ea. I also needed one at 32 weeks.
- The pediatrician's bill, in the hospital, was around $800
- The actual hospital bill, c-sec bills, OB bill while I was in hospital, I never saw. HBF covered all of that for me...I think it was around $6000 though, maybe more (private hospital).

Mine was not an elective c-section (my son was breach) but, it all works out the same in the end!

I'm not sure about your other questions but, I hope that is a bit helpful for you.
I would check the web site for the hospitals you are considering and contact the ante clinic/department or private patient liaison. They should have some one who can answer all your questions and explain all the different model of care. That way your are getting the info straight from the hospital. A lot of the hospitals also run tours of their maternity wards, that can a great way to find out info and ask questions. I spoke to the two hospitals in my area so when people asked me about public, private, shared care etc, for work I knew the info was straight from the hospital and not second hand.

All the best.
I think if you want an elective csection you will need to see an ob and be a private patient. The ob will have to be one that is registered to work in that hospital. The hospital usually has a list. I'm in Sydney, My ob cost $5k which only approx $1k was covered by Medicare. Also had to pay for scans etc. In hospital you will still have to pay for anethasist and pediatrician and assisting ob. I think its only you stay that will be covered by your health fund.
Hi everyone,
Thank you very much for your help. I have decided to go with an ob as it is my first, and a bit stressed smile The cost is whet you mentioned kdgirl. Do you know who to ask to find out the cost of the anethasist, pediatrician and assisting ob? Would it be the hospital?

Thanks again, you've all been very helpful.
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