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how long did you wait Lock Rss

Hi Ladies I had a caesarean 3 weeks ago and just curious when other caesarean mums vacuumed there house?
Like others have said take it easy. When you do feel up to doing a little bit, do just a little bit as you don't want to hurt your body.
I've had 3 caesareans and the first (dd1) I didn't do much for about 4 - 5 weeks but after my 2nd caesarean (twin dd's) and then my 3rd caesarean (ds) I got back to doing stuff around the house after 2 weeks, only as I could see I was going to have a mountain of cleaning to do if I didn't lol

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I'm a big believer in listening to your body. Whether you've had a c section or a vaginal delivery, you should only do what you feel like you can manage and if you begin to feel fatigued, pain or uncomfortable stop straight away and leave the chore for another day

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I've had 2 caesarians so i know how it is very hard to resist doing things you've been told not to like vacuming, hanging out the washing etc, esecially when you feel up to it. But you need to remember one of the reasons they say your not to strain or lift for 6 weeks is because it can cause scaring inside which forms what they call adhesions. You can probably google adhesions but i think theyre basically scar tissue around the cut on the inside, that can attach to surounding tissue and can cause pain latter in life requiring surgery called division of adhesions. Take it easy as much as possible...become comfortable with a bit of mess and don't feel like a burden to ask someone to help.
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