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My light and the end of the tunnel Lock Rss

It was 28th march 2012,  when I found out I was pregnant with my first and my partner were shocked yet excited as we both wanted kids, but we hadn't even been together for a year.

As the months went by, my pregnancy was easy and un complicated no morning sickness or cravings nothing.

All my scans and blood tests were normal.

Had no gestational diabetes like I said I was set up for a easy pregnancy 

At 6 months I fainted and I was taken to the hospital... Everything was ok just started getting dizzy from low blood pressure but this sorted itself out after a week or two

At 7 months went to the midwife and she noticed that my feet,hands and face were puffy but not too bad to worry about it,
At my next appointment, I was a little bit more puffy throughout my pregnancy my blood pressure was high and low and steady all over the show.

I was told to be on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy as blood tests showed I had pre-eclampsia or hypertension which was causing the swelling in my hands, legs and feet and face.

After 2-3 weeks of bed rest I had a midwife appointment, she did the usual checks of baby and baby was fine head down starting to engage my growth scan at 30 weeks was perfect

My midwife took my blood pressure and it was a shocking 158/90.with that my midwife got her back up midwife to do a reading to double check she was right sure enough she was right

With that I was told to go to the local maternity suite and that they would be waiting for me, I rang my partner and he come home from work and took me

I went for several tests at the hospital and  I wasn't told anything ,finally the doctor came and said you have pre- eclampsia we are going to admit you ,as we need to keep an eye on you.

I had to have blood tests every 4 hours and blood pressure checked every2 hours
By the end of it I looked like a pin cushion After 6days bored out of my brain my condition appeared to be better my blood pressure was stable and I was feeling fine baby was fine very strong

I hated being in hospital so I convinced the doctors to discharge me home to bed rest and because my health was better they agreed as long as someone was with me at all times

Because my man had to work my sister stayed with me during the day, after a day at home felt like I was living in luxury compared to the hospital with babies screaming and women in pain with labour...was kinda off putting although had heaps of time to do a birth plan.

That night I started experiencing tight chest and shortness of breath but didn't think too much of it so then I tried sleeping till the morning

I hadn't had much sleep as the pain was getting worse, I remember the doctor said come back if you feel any pain or back I went to the hospital. I was put into the exam room and the fetal monitor was placed on baby but that was great, my midwife had a student midwife with her and she wanted to take a blood test so I agreed for the student to have a go...after four times trying to take blood from a distressed mum to be in pain and petrified of needles I found that she had piped my veins in both arms...had my blood pressure taken and it was a whopping 180/98 the next thing I new I had a specialist in who said I needed an iv leer
So being scared of needles and having popped vein I had to have an iv leur on top of that

The aneitheologist came in and I burst into fear mode this was all so real, after four hours of the doctor nurse and anetheolgist convincing me toad the iv leur I finally let them have ago she was having a lot of trouble getting the leurs in she kept missing my veins because the had been popped early and went filling with enough blood, so with me being in tears and in pain and scared she tried putting one in my arm just above the elbow and success finally 2 hours later I had an iv leur in.

The doctor came in about an hour later and said that my condition of pre eclampsia had progressed rapidly to eclampsia, I was given four steroid shots over 9hours before the charge nurse came in and said that I needed to be admitted but they didn't have the room so they were sending me to a hospital nearly 1hour away and that had to go in the ambulance.

After the paramedics arrived and got me onto the strecher I asked the doctor for pain releif but I was told I couldn't have any, as I was still having chest pain and still short of breath.

It was time to go...with a quick kiss of my partner was loaded into the ambulance with monitors attached to me. As were drove away my partner waved goodbye I started crying was so scared for me and baby.

Just after we got out of the hospital gate,my condition deteriorated rapidly, the sirens and and ambulance lights came on and we were going so fast. My organs started to shutdown I was given magnesium sulfate via drip to keep me calm and relaxed to try lower my blood pressure but itwasnt working.

As we arrived at the hospital I was greeted by doctors and specialists and nurses. Iwas put into a birthing ward as the had no room for me in the wards, although I wasn't in labour yet at 6pm my partner arrived boy was I glad to see him, the doctors worked their magic and my condition improved so much they decided to put me into the ward. I was eating and drinking and walking I was completely fine but I had to have blood tests and blood pressure checked every two hours.

My partners visiting hours were up at 9.30pm so he left to go home. I didn't want him to leave but he had to at ten to eleven surgeon came in to see me.....
This is what he said

Aimee your latest results are bad, if we don't get your baby out you and your baby are going to be in severe trouble. Your condition has progressed to severe eclampsia.

At this stage I was panicking as I was only 32 weeks and 4 days gestation

He said we are sending you for an emergency c section, as I signed the paperwork the surgeon started marking on my tummy where he was gunn a cut, I started shaking
As he was doing that I rang my partner and told him he had to get here fast because I was having baby by emergency c section.
Then I rang my midwife and said come too...she said that she was off duty and that I had to call her I did and I was told that she wasn't coming! With that making me more anxious and upset, I waited till My partner got here then he was given scrubs to wear and I was put into a gown.

Then it was all on I help my partners hand the whole time, then I was wheeled to the operation room, upon entering qi casually's doesn't look like this on greasy anatomy haha

All of a sudden It felt all so real that this was really happening, then I realized I had to have a spinal block, so here I am terrified of needles and I'm going to have to have a big needle,

That made me more anxious and my baby was going to be born prematurely seeing the incubator and all the things set up was scary theres no words to describe it.

I was told to lean forwards on the bed while my back was prepped for the spinal block.
My chest was so sore as I still hadn't had pain releif for the pain. Leaning forward I didn't feel the local  anesthetic go in but I could still feel everything there was no time to put in more local and with a big sharp pain the spinal needle went in I was screaming as it hurt so much...was told it's was worse than epidural 10x more painful than and epidural...

The spinal block was immediate I couldn't feel anything from my waist down but started getting drowsy, I had no feeling from then on....after 1 hour my beautiful baby girl was born on 24 January 2013 6 weeks premature I wasn't able to hold her as she went straight up to the neonatal special care baby unit, my partner went with her to make sure she was alight I let out a waterfall of tears a combination of releif, excitement and panic. But was given a dose of medication to make me sleepy.

My partner came back after 45 mins with pictures and she was beautiful
He said she weighed 2785 grams and was 47cms long he suggested her name and  we both agreed shed be called Hayley Rose Geddes.

After another 3 hours of touch an go surgery I had a catheder put in and I was stitched up, and sent to my recovery room...after 20 mins in post op recovery I was sent to my final recovery room.

I had a self dose morphine machine and being in extreme pain gave myself 3 pumps of morphine unfortunately my body didn't like that and because my mouth was so dry all I wanted was cold water and I drunk seven cups before the morphine I decided to throw up all the water I had drunk.

My partner slept on the uncomfortable seat for the remainder of the night as he didn't want to leave me or hayley. I still hadn't held hayley or seen her yet only in a photo not the same.

The next day I was so sore and tender and I couldn't even move my legs my tummy was so sore it felt like I had dropped 9 pounds overnight literally

Once again My partner stayed on the seat for another night, on the second day I was lifted into a wheelchair and wheeled to see my gorgeous newborn, overwhelmed with emotions I cried when I saw her, as I felt like this was all my fault her being born early I looked to my partner in a terrified state I briefly got to hold her before She was taken away and put back into the incubator it was. The hardest thing to see my baby in a plastic box and having to leave her.

After three days the nurses started making me get up standing and slowly taking steps after four days I was able to waLk very slowly And very painfully to the special care baby unit

On day five I wanted a shower to be clean, I walked into the shower and left the door unlocked so my partner could come in if something happened.
Sitting on the seat in the shower injuring the steamy hot shower I stood up and looked down a mother load of blood was on the thing I new my partner and nurses were carrying me to my bed and putting oxygen into me I had blacked out.

After 6 days I was moved to a ward...with my own room and own ensuite...
I was able to walk to see hayley with help from my partner or a nurse by my side.

My milk still hadn't come through so hayley was being fed formula through a nasal gastric tube in her nose to her stomach as her swallowing  reflexes were not developed enough to breastfeed after 8 days both me and hayley were transferred back to the original hospital we came from and I was discharged home that day...Me and my partner left the hospital at 1am the next morning
I cried all the way home...the awful feeling of leaving your child at the hospital

The next day I was damn determined to get her out of there I tried breast feeding and breast feeding until 3 days later her nasal tube was removed and she was solely on the breast.

And with that 2 days later hayley came home for the first time.

I'm still in severe pain today 7 weeks after my ordeal...goes to show anything can happen
It was later discovered that I had severe hypertension, I lost 800mls of blood and was close to a blood transfusion. 

Every four week I have to have blood tests and blood pressure tests to check my health today I way better but still sick

Hayley is doing absolutely amazing best baby. She is 7 weeks old and is holding her head and is super strong
Wow, what an ordeal! Sorry that happened to you sad Lucky your baby was okay and actually not a bad weight for a prem. Congrats and hope you start feeling better soon!

what an ordeal!! so glad you and bub ar home safe and sound smile

Yeah she was six pounds one ounce so very good weight, i wouldnt be without her I'm thankful to my partner I love you so much I couldn't of done it without him.

I would highly recommend to every women go vaginal by choice...c sections hurt for months after
Thank you for your story. I had a very similar experience and my boy was delivered at 32 weeks and four days. Was going in and out of comprise sleeps at home for 2 days and popped up to the hospital for a check up after a gp told me it was just because bub was breach (bub was head down). So got to the hospital I was admitted and induced immediately. Only after I looked back on photos I realised how sick I was. As when your in the hypertension I lost reality of my surroundings. I had an epidural which did not take so they did a second which barely worked. I went from 2cm to 10 cm in 20 min. My bubs heart stopped 3 times and the ob had to rip him out as we nearly lost him. It caused me a lot of damaged down there. And bub suffered for a little while. I am now trying for my 2nd and I am terrified of a natural delivery in case I loose my baby after feeling everything and worse hearing everyone panicking. My poor man was absolutely amazing he looked after the bub and would not let anyone hold him until his mommy did. Your story has given me a bit more calm to try natural again. So thank you. However seeing your bub limp is just unimaginable.
Wow! What a traumatic time you both went through. One thing I did find a bit odd about your post though you said you found out you were preg march last year but bub was born in jan this year 6 weeks early??
Wow, my friend went through exactly the same thing on Friday but her baby will be in hospital for two months even though he's breathing on his own!! You're lucky you got to take her home so quickly!
Brings a tear to the eye reading your story. I am just so glad you guys are better now & at home. Take care of yourself you have been through alot. xx

hi all, thanks for all your kind words. just an update

Hayleys now 3 months and omg!!! its crazy how fast they grow feels like just yesterday she was a wee prem in hospital, shes holding her head so well now still with the help from mum and dad but we have had alot of trouble with regular bowel motions we have been to and from the paedatricition so many time as she gets cramps and just screams the house down and it got to the stage where i got sick of every doctor telling me that she has "colic"

i said to every doctor what causes colice, my reply was we dont know and i said well if you dont know how can you diagnose it.

i was finnally referred to the paedatriction, he is absolutly amazing it wasnt colic i was over feeding her and giving her a sore tummy (bloating)

which instantly her cramps stop....she then started doing a regular bowel motion every four days until last tuesday where her oos were of water consistancy...back to the paedatricition i went he took samples but it all came back good

so took her to doctors yesterday where the doctor didnt even examine her and just told me to give her a electrolyte....but as far as i was concerned electrolytes are for dehydration, i rang my plunket nurse and she said its to replaced the nutrients that shes loosing in her diahorrea...but shes not losing weight or not drinking her milk so shes not dehydrated shes just got diahrrea which makes me wonder whats going on inside

i feel like im talking to brick walls i feel as a young first time mum, no one thinks i know anything but its the mum instinct tht you know when somethings not right...

i feel bad for hayley as its one thing after the other...pretty rough start to life.
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