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C-section booked Lock Rss

Could you get ds to stay overnight with a relative so he's not woken when you go off to hospital and then they can bring him into visit when new bub has arrived?? This is what friends I have had done
When I had my c-sections u had to be at the hospital by 6am, if u weren't there then u get cancelled. I didn't get told until that morning if u are first or second on the list either sad with my first c-section I had bubs at 11.46am so had to wait a while, my other 2 were born around 10 smile really hope u don't have to wait to long, as I was all preped for surgery. Was sitting in waiting room with a gown and stockings (with no undies) the entire time sad

sending labour vibes....

is there anything you can do to get yourself in the right headspace too. stress can have a big impact on spontaneous labour.
sad parents can be a nightmare.... hope it improves soon!
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