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VBAC after failed induction (and subsequent caesarean) Lock Rss

Soul mumma wrote:
lellejay wrote:
would love to know how your appointment went with your MW...

She was FANTASTIC! My partner and I are both really comfortable and happy with her and feel positive that I will be given the best opportunity to have a intervention free birth. We discussed home birthing but as I'm not comfortable with the distance we are from the hospital she encouraged us to labour at home for as long as possible and just head to hospital to push. That being said though, if I'm labouring well at home and don't want to go to hospital, then I won't. So all in all I'm feeling really positive about having a VBAC. I have an appointment with the hospital midwives tomorrow to book in and all that, so we'll see what they think. But the independent MV has attended many births at Frankston hospital and seemed very positive so here's to hoping.

Again, thank you everyone for your stories. Would love to keep this conversation open for anyone else in a similar situation who needs some encouragement also!


I'm so glad it went well. Please keep us updated...

I am kitty wink

littleniki1 wrote:
Will be following this thread, I'm currently 30 weeks pregnant with my second and keen on a VBAC smile I went into labour naturally with my first but due to a positive GBS swab I agreed to a drip, 30 hours later 4cm dilated and baby in distress the doctors decided I needed a caesar. My midwife seems to think that since I went into labour on my own and wasn't really overdue my local hospital should have no serious problems. However I do have to meet with a specialist at 36 weeks and they'll make the ultimate decision...I really want my VBAC and will be fighting for it! smile

How did you end up going with the delivery of your second bubba, littleniki1? Hope it worked out for you grin
Hello ladies! Just wanted to give you all a quick update...!

I'm now 36 weeks pregnant and have been seeing my independent midwife the whole pregnancy. I can't stress enough how much better the antenatal appointments experience has been seeing just the one person who knows me, my family and is really keen on helping us achieve a more natural birth.

Although I've hired an independent midwife, I'm still a public patient at my hospital and due to my history have three appointments booked with the ob clinic. My second one is tomorrow to discuss options of I go over again. At my first one I was advised not to have a home birth so all things going well, instead, we will stay at home as long as possible. (I would prefer to not go to hospital at all but I will take their advice as most of all I want to be safe.)

We've done a hypnobirthing course, I've been practicing prenatal yoga, trying to go to the gym a couple of times a week and this time I feel ready to have this baby! If for whatever reason I do end up having another caesarean, I'm cool with it as I really feel I've done everything I can to try and avoid it.

If you are or have been in a similar situation, please feel free to join in the conversation. I think the support this forum offers is fantastic smile
Great to hear Soul mumma, please keep us updated! smile

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