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Long-term parking at the hospital? (Joondalup) Lock Rss

Hey smile

I'm booked in to have a c-section for my first in June at Joondalup hospital & the doctors told me I'd probably be there for 3 days and was wondering what people have done parking wise when they've stayed for a few days??

Especially your support/driver wants to stay with you the whole time?

We had our son at Mount and just parked on the street the whole time we were there. The car was literally there from 8am to 8pm everyday! If Joondalup has free parking I guess you could do the same...
The first few times I was there the main car park was free. The last time dh just paid for as long as he could then set a reminder on his ph to go out and feed the meter every few hours - he was happy to get out to stretch his legs anyway!
At Joondalup if you are a private patient you can get a pass from the private reception and parking is free. If not, parking is expensive $10/day paid on exit. Free on Sundays and public holidays only. Be careful as the council fines people daily!
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