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Caesarean Section Preparing/Information - Herpes Lock Rss

I have chosen to have an elective caesarean because of health issues. Long story short if i have a normal vag birth my little boy can get very sick with neonatal herpes. I have done all the research on it, the risks, statistics of him getting it/not getting it, everything i could research. With my condition/time of contracting it etc nothing is 100% safe that he wont contract it so i opted for c section. Midwife agreed that its the best thing to do and i have an appointment to see a surgeon to talk through/arrange it i suppose but im concerned that my appointment is only 4 weeks before im due. I havent had any other information from my midwife about a c section and the only thing i know about them is what i have researched on the net.

What if my little man decides to come early? I just feel like ive been given an appointment time and thats the end of it and im quite stressed out about the hole thing.

Any information or advice on this? Or has anyone else had this happen?
Iv had 1 emergency csection and 2 electives smile TTC my fourth bubba!
All I can say is breath all the way through, its super scary but also exciting!
What exactly are you wanting to know? like the whole process of a ceaser or....?

Agree completely with Little Miss's - I had a surprise C-section 2 weeks ago and everything went really well, check with your hospital as to their proceedures re breastfeeding "on the table" - my little bloke was put directly on me no later than 30 seconds after he was out, and I was assisted to breastfeed in recovery.

My understanding if your little one comes early - it is possible to cover the active lesions with tape to protect the bub, that was the proceedure at the regional hospital I attended, they have done that a number of times for mothers with no problems.

Congratulations in anticipation!
I had an emergency C section with my bubs 4 months ago at Auckland City Hospital.
I had to have one as she was breech all the way through. I was just really nervous as people said how painful it is afterwards and that you cant do anything for 6 weeks. I did not want to have a c section.
I was meant to have an elective C section- The meeting/Schedule was booked for 2 weeks before bubs was due. But knowing my luck I went into Labour before the meeting.
So I phoned my midwife and we went to the hospital pretty much straight away-No risk to be taken.
So I was in labour for hours as I had to wait for other ladies to have there elective C sections. Plus some silly mix up with bloods delayed it more. But finally hours later I had a c section and my baby was in my arms...You are not allowed to eat anything for at least 4 hours-So make sure not to have food just in case when ur in labour.
....If your worried about going into labour before your elective, just ring your midwife when ur in labour and then she will ring the hospital and let them know you are coming in, and that you need a c section due to the herpes.

The staff were fantastic at the hospital. The earlier you walk the better the recovery.
I had my bubs just after 930pm. The nurse came in at around 4am and said I had to get out of the bed and move a few steps that it was better for me. That was a lil painful but not too bad, they give you a pump that you can press everytime you need pain relief. She made me pump this a few times before I moved.

I had no problems with pain, the next day I didn't really need anything. Just panadol. I was able to walk around. Day 2 was able to have a shower

I was fine after 1 week, no pulling no pain. you get given pain relief when you leave the hospital.
So just to let you know, don't stress about the c section or about going into labour. They will look after you smile
Just inform your midwife as soon as you know your in labour and you will be in good hands.

Good luck and enjoy the experience smile
Hi your baby can only be at risk of herpes if there is shedding going on or an open sores in the areas affected if he touches them in the birth process. As for c sections they are pretty straight forward and the recovery process depends on your fitness levels, etc. Don't worry too much as its a good experience, not as scary as what it sounds!!
question your midwife on everything!!!! that is what they are there for. also its only a risk if you have a break out at the time of delivery. otherwise bub cannot get it.

If you considered a c section apart of your normal birth plan this will put your mind as ease. Knowing that it was suppose to happen this way.

good luck and i am sure you will be awesome!

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