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To elect to have a c section Lock Rss

Hi Ladies, I've just found out I'm pregnant with my 2nd child. I had an emergency c-section with my 1st. The doctor told me I would be able to have a natural birth next time around. I'm undecided on trying a natural birth or to opt for elective c-section. Natural freaks me out. Has anyone else had natural and c-s?
iv only had 3 c-sections (laboured for 13hrs with my first) but never naturally, freaks me out too lol tongue

With DD1 I was induced due to medical reasons and I was 40+4. I had an epidural from the start once again due to medical reasons, so I didn't actually feel a thing! DD1 came out 2nd push and placenta first push after that! Very simple and relaxing delivery! However DD1 was sucking her thumb and sliced me on her way out which made my otherwise pain free recovery agonizing at toilet time!

I had a caesar with DS1 as he was breech. Fantastic recovery. DS1 was delivered at 8:30am and I was up walking around quite comfortably at lunch time! I quickly learnt to roll out of bed, although less than a week later I was sitting up as normal, just the odd switch if I moved the wrong way but I much preferred this to my recovery with DD1!

DD2 was meant to be an elective caesar as we weighed up the pros and cons and that's just the way we decided to go!
We didn't make it to hospital and ended up having an unplanned homebirth. I was surprised how easy it was and how little pain was involved! (Due to having an epidural from the start with DD1 and a caesar with DS1, i'd never felt a contraction until now!)
I did have a second degree tear but it was less painful than when DD1 sliced me. My main issue was that it just wasn't meant to be this way! Due to medical reasons I am meant to be monitored throughout my entire labour plus this was a VBAC delivery aswell!

DS2 was also delivered via c-section as he was breech like his brother. My recovery from this was still good but not as good as my first caesar!

Overall I found I recovered faster from my caesar deliveries but my naturals were pretty good too!

DD2 was born via

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