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Hi Ladies, I've just found out I'm pregnant with my 2nd child. I had an emergency c-section with my 1st. The doctor told me I would be able to have a natural birth next time around. I'm undecided on trying a natural birth or to opt for elective c-section. Natural freaks me out. Has anyone else had natural and c-s?
Yes I have. My first was natural and was extremely traumatic and did a bit of damage so I was strongly encouraged to have a c/section for any subsequent children. I was actually relieved to have a c/smafter e natural birth experience I had. My c/s was a much more positive birth and suited me much better physically, mentally and emotionally. This is just my experience though. Also, it may depend on if your public or private as public tend to only go for c/s if there is a medical reason, not so much for personal choice unfortunataley. Good luck for your decision and your birth smile

ETA- I think you will find that many women who have had emergency c/sections didn't have a good experience whereas those who have had electives did. It all depends on what YOU want as to what will suit you better.
I've had both - one natural birth, one c-section as my son was breech. I actually loved my c-section much more...found it relaxed and joyful and a wonderful experience. Not that vaginal births can't be those things, too...but I was young at the time, and it happened within a few hours and was intense and scary.

This time around I have really struggled to decide. My hospital will let you do a water birth VBAC, which is tempting. But I'm fairly sure if there is time I will ask for a c-section.
Ive had both and for me NATURAL BIRTH IS SO MUCH BETTER! I had a natural birth for my first, and with my 2nd I had to have an emergency c-section cus I was having troubles with my ovaries and they needed to operate asap so they delivered bub then operated. I was so horrified for the c-section, I felt like I was gutted and robbed of my baby, it just did not go well with me at all. I hated every bit of it. The healing afterwards is terrible, not being able to do anything for 6weeks, like that is possible when you have a toddler to look after also. My daughter was learning how to use the toilet and needed to be lifted onto the seat and she wanted to be picked up and cuddled and needed help to get into bed, and not being able to drive and when I did I had to lift my toddler into the care... All of these things left me in complete agony after my c-section, Even getting out of bed was agony for ages after the surgery, I hated every moment of the c-section and the healing afterwards and emotionally I was a wreck from it. My natural birth was SO MUCH better, whilst painfull and for me slightly traumatic cus I hate blood and stuff smile the pain was over in the birthing and no terrible pain after. I was in cleaning the goat paddock as soon as I got out of hospital, no major pains, no physical restrictions, I could get back to doing everything I needed to with no problems. I felt so at ease with natural birth and now that Ive had a c-section I could fully appreciate how much the healing after a natural birth is just easier and not so dramatic and painful as a c-section. One year on and I still feel pain on my lower stomach from the surgery and I cant handle anyone touching the scar as I hate the feeling of it. For me a c-section is just so awful and I cannot imagine why anyone would "choose" to have one (apart from health risks etc). I was terrified of a natural birth initially but it is just so much more wonderful and feels right. I felt robbed and literally gutted from my c-section. ( bub was forced out due to my health problems well before he was ready and I was given about 6hrs notice of the emergency c-section so im sure that all played a part in how I felt like my bub was stolen from me, but thats my experience and i just do not like c-sections!). If you havent done a natural birth then provided there are no health issues I fully recommend you 'experiencing' the difference, the healing is a major difference, especially if you have another little person to look after as well as the new bub. My toddler found it difficult to understand why I was picking her up for big cuddles before bub came and then all of a sudden bub was here and I could only hold the bub - i couldnt pick her up anymore sad just something to think about. Its a different choice when there is more than just the new baby depending on you.
Hi there
Congrats on your pregnancy smile

I've had 2 emergency c-sections and then a natural water birth.
I hated my c-sections even though my recovery was text book and had no issues with breast feeding. The gripping pain when I sat up or coughed made those first few weeks even worse.
It wasn't until I had a natural birth that I realised what it was I was missing out on. Those lovely post birth hormones are amazing!
I bonded with my babies after my caesareans but it doesn't come close to the happy high I've been experiencing for the last 10mths since my natural birth.
That's my experience...

I am kitty wink

i am trying to make the same decision at the moment too!
dd is 3.5yrs. i am 18wks pregnant.
i had a very scary experience with dd's birth. at 26wks we found out she was breech. tried to have her turned, but she wasn't budging. we decided to have a c-section as we thought it was the safest option. i couldn't get in until the day after dd was due. so we had decided that if i went into labour early, we would assess the situation & go from there... well, that is what happened! she decided to come at 38wks & was in a HUGE hurry to get out! when we got to the hospital & was checked (after 2hrs of labour & alot of bleeding & being told to stay at home, but refusing to) i was 7.5cm. the doctor was a specialist in breech births & was saying that it was all the good signs for a successful breech birth (fast labour, small bub, right kind of breech position) & i was feeling ok at the time, but we were really confused. labour was easy & the contractions were easy to handle & we just went with the flow... (inexperienced & unknowing of complications that could & would happen). anyway, my waters broke & i got to 10cm quickly. i was concerned about the amount of blood i was lossing, but they were monitoring it. when it came to my first push, dd's heart rate dropped & the ob said " we have to get this baby out now" & it was a floury of medical staff everywhere in my room & they were wheeling me down the corridor, without even doing up my gown, so everyone seen me in my birthday suit!!
it was really scary & even more when the ob said i had to go under, as he wanted dd out straight away!! i was terrified. i'd never been under before & dp was shitting himself. so, they got dd out & dp was with her for 2.5hrs without was very hard on him, screaming baby & no mother around to offer a soothing boob!! he did well!! by the time i got to see her, i was off my face on morphine & really had no idea what i was doing. we had no skin to skin contact, the oral drugs i got the next day i hated & kept telling them i didn't want them as they were spinning my head out ( like party drugs). breastfeeding was easy enough, when i was off the morphine & could function. we went home after 2nights. all was good until i got an infection in my wound a few days after the midwfie took out my staples, coz one wasn't quiet healed, but took it out anyway!! nice!! then it was 2wks on antibiotics which dd didn't like & she refused to feed & had bad wind pains, so we had to give her a bottle!!
so, that's my experience of an emergency c-section & the reason i would love to turn back time & not go through labour again... at least if it's planned, you're prepared for it!! so, now my ob is not real keen on me having vbac because of the bleeding, as that could happen again & i could end up going under again anyway...
I have only had one birth. But DD's birth was pretty traumatic. Basically 42 hours labour, induced, all kinds of drugs pumped in. Then epi wore off few hours before pushing. pushed for a while and DD's heart rate got really low and wouldn't rise. So they rushed me off for a cs. Was the third to hold her and was so exhausted and drugged, I barely remember it.

I'm pregnant again and we have chosen to have an elective. They said I have a high chance of another latent labour as my pelvis sits facing high (or something like that?) and not to mention both babies were/are posterior for most of the pregnancy and all through labour. So not going through that again to maybe having to end up with an emergency.

I think it's such a misconception that you aren't allowed to do a single thing for 6 weeks!! You are allowed light exercise (as that helps heal faster) and toddlers can learn to come to you and have loads of cuddles ect. It's the same with a toddler having to learn to wait while baby gets fed ect. Toddlers aren't going to be emotionally scared because mummy couldn't pick them up all day every day. They can use a stool!!!

So that's my story. I am a fan of electives. Because the emotional and mental outcomes of another emergency CS is too much to bare. I did the whole labour thing and pushed and it was not pleasant. This time she's getting put straight on me and I have support people in place to help with breastfeeding ect. So very much looking forward to it.

All the best smile

++ And our beautiful big 2 year old girl is very excited to be a big sister ++

you do whatever you feel is best for you, I myself when I choose to have another child am considering a second C-section under a general. I had a very traumatic experience welcoming my little boy hunter into the world. basically anything that could go wrong went wrong and my experience with labour was anything but natural, on top of that I had a patchy block during the emergency C-section, so I felt them cutting me open. everyone is different, others say that natural is a better recovery but I know people who discharged themselves the night after delivery (C-section) and went home and chucked a load of washing on.
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