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Has anyone else got pregnant 6 months after c-section? Lock Rss

I found out last week that we are pregnant again, A little surprised but still very happy. I had a C-section in December and just wondering if anyone has any advice or stories they can tell me. I am just alittle worried cause its so soon after C-section and I have to have C-section again this pregnancy.
yes, I fell pregnant with no3 4 months after 2nd c section.In fact,I had 3 c sections in 2 .5 years( my first was 3 days off 2.5 when no 3 was born).I did not have any major issues, the ob was keeping a close eye on the utreine wall as it was on the thin side but all went well.Best of luck with the rest of the pregnancy.My ob. also was happy for me to have another 2 c sections but we stopped at 3

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

thanks ladies, All I can hear in my head is my Dr telling me to wait 12 months. oh well i'll have a surprise for him when I see him. I also heard it can be painful when the skin is stretching around the scare, have you had this experience?
I dont recall the scar/skin being painful.My ob said it was fine to 'try' after the 6 week check up but when we went back after 4 months he said that he said it was fine but did not believe he'd see us so soon after ds2's birth, lol.Life certainly was busy/crazy and hectic but it was good practice for now as it just gets busier.All the best

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

My employer fell pregnant 3 months after her 1st c/section and was fine. Went on to have another after that too with no probs smile
I fell pregnant with this bub 7 months after my last (3rd) c-section. My dr doesn't seemed worried at all. I am 24 weeks at the moment and all seems to be fine. This will be my 4th c-section when I have bub in Oct.
I fell pregnant 8 months after c section, there will be 17 months between my two. I do experience a bit of pain around my scar, apparently its normal and my midwifes not been worried by it. I'm allowed to try for VBAC and am due in 2 weeks smile
Congrats! I fell pregnant (unplanned but super awesome!) 9 months after my first c-section, bubs is due January. I've spoken with the midwife and Obstetrician and they aren't concerned but will keep a close eye on things. I think it isn't a huge issue if you didn't have any issues with healing or the c-section itself. Best of luck!

Im 23 weeks pregnant with our 3rd child, I fell pregnant 8 months after my second csection, my first being two years earlier. (will be 3 sections in 3 years 5 months)

Ive had no pain other than some stretching feelings around the csection site when I roll over in bed, probably just more round ligament pain though.

I was nervous to see my OB, is very straight and strict but she was thrilled I was back lol. Never said a word about them being so close, I ended up asking and she said she said that she tells everyone, csection or normal births to wait 12 months try again, but 6 months after a csection the risks of uterine rupture etc are basically the same as at 12 months smile

Hey There, I fell pregnant 8 months after a C-Section and the only problem i had was when i was getting out of bed and wasn't paying attention as to how i was and i felt like i was tearing something very painful but my midwife said it was just the scaring strecthing . I am now 8 weeks pregnant with our 4th and there is a 5 year gap between C- Sections so not sure what i will be up for this time . And a big congrats aswell smile
Hello, Ive had 3 cs.
My first was an emergency cs then i got surprisingly got pregnant 3 months after it with baby #2 then which happened to be both cs 12months apart to the day. then i had my third cs 16 months after 2nd cs. all up i had 3 cs in 2.5 years.

I had som pain in my lower belly due to stretching of the scar tissue as it was so new but my recoveries went really well no major issues.
Good luck with your pregnancy!
Thanks everyone for your stories and advice.
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