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  5. Has anyone else got pregnant 6 months after c-section?

Has anyone else got pregnant 6 months after c-section? Lock Rss

I fell pregnant 5 months after my first c-section - with TWINS. Doctor was quite surprised and also worried. I had to go to the hospital for all of my appointments, was not aloud to do share care. However this was 12 years ago. I had terrible pain in my c-section scar and still do. 7.5 years later I went on to have my daughter, she also was a c-section and since she was my last i had the scar cut out and a nice new thin one put in. lol.
my first 2 girls are 16mths apart, gota say my 2nd C-section was a breeze, I think because I knew what I was in for so I prepared my body & mind a lot better smile good luck & congrats x

thanks ladies smile just another question for you guys, did anyone breastfeed during the pregnancy? It's just that I have to cause bub wont touch formula. I've been googling and read this will increase my chance of miscarriage, so abit worried.
I didn't even know there was an increase to miscarrying due to b/f...that's weird to me! although I never b/f while pregnant as all bubs were off it 6mths and under sad but id so like to know aswell just out of curiosity lol

I have breastfed all of my kids while being pregnant (besides mu first of course) I stopped feeding my first 3 months before DS2 was born. DS2 weaned when I was 5 months pregnant with my 3rd and I am 6 months pregnant and still breastfeeding my daughter and plan to all throughout and will tandom feed if she wants too. I don't think it causes miscarriages all midwifes and dr have known I was/am breastfeeding while being pregnant and have all said how good it was that I was still doing it, they would have said something if it was going to cause miscarriage.
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