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Tubal Iigation and Caesarean Lock Rss

I am going to have a Caesarean on the 5th November and I am having a tubal ligation as well. Has anyone had this experience? Does it take a lot longer for the surgery, is there more to heal from?

I dont see my Obs for another month and just wanted some advice!
I had this done when I had my last baby in February. I had it booked in and it only added another 10 min to surgery time. No issues after as well. It was nice knowing that I didnt have to worry about birth control anymore.

Thanks for that - I was hoping it wouldnt be anymore than that but my husband and I have definitely come to the decision that baby #2 is the last, he is a miracle anyway and we are quite happy with 2 - will have an 8 year age gap but I am sure that will be fine - how do I get the signature?
You will need to speak to your ob. I asked if I could get this done if I needed to have csection with my last. He said he really prefers not to for a few reasons.

One is that while you might think you are done while you are pregnant and over it, it isn't a good time to be making the decision, the second is there is a slightly higher risk of the surgery failing. As the womb is healing and the blood supply is increased to aid this, in a tiny number of cases, your body will also heal the tubal ligation as well as everything else. You can also increase the risk of infection with additional surgery. Lastly, there is a syndrome called 'post tubal ligation syndrome', which affects your hormones, that coupled with your pregnancy and post birth ones, can increase the risk of pnd, depression and heavy periods.

All these risks are small, but some OB/GYNs will not perform the surgery during cs because of them.

Just a heads up,

I had this done 12 days ago, and with what I thought was pain from an infected caesar scar, turns out it is from having my tubes cut and tied. So Ive had extra pain from the procedure and now Im really dreading the return of AF because Ive heard it gets heavier, so I really wish my Dh was the one to put his hand up to get snipped :/

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