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who's had a 2nd C-section? Lock Rss

I may be having another c-sec in Nov and am wondering if it will be the same. Last time it hurt like hell a few hrs after-worst pain of my life. At home it wasn't too bad though, but Im overweight now n have that little pooch bit just above scar, so am worried this may affect healing this time. Any advice would be great, thankyou
thanx ladies. That was my other question-u think high waisted suck-it-all-in pants(girdle) would be good idea? Ive heard this helps tummy shrink back quicker too n supports it?
I had a c-section in November last year and I too had what I refer to as a mummy apron - I bought a pair of the SRC recovery shorts and wore those and I swear by them. They are tight but not in any way uncomfortable and I found that I was able to be more upright when walking around with them on. I found that getting out for those small walks was much easier with the shorts on.
id love to get those shorts, but theyre sooo expensive, I cant afford them.
Iv had 3 C-sections, my 2nd was so easy!!!! Near no pain like my 1st, I could walk sooner and shower on my own (I was to scared 1st time lol) but it was a breeze both in hospital and home smile

My first c-section was an emergency so recovery was hard. My second I was still in pain and bleeding 8 weeks pp. Had an ultrasound and found they had left some placenta behind, had a d&c a week later. Third c-section recovery was great felt 'normal' within 2 weeks. Fourth c-section was hard again as I also had a tubal ligation done. I have been overweight for all of my c-section, with the mummy apron lol. Like the other posts I used a pad along the scar for around 2 weeks and loose fitting clothing smile

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