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c section questions Lock Rss

ill be booked in for a c section at about 37 weeks because of Stg4 placenta previa...
Questions I have are
What side effects did you get from the epidural if you had one?...e.g itchy, headaches etc,
Would I be able to get away with just having a bit of Volarten (Or iburefen) and panadol straight away the C Section or would this not really touch the pain?
Does it hurt only when you move or even when you keep still?
Did the Morphine make you vomit as I could only imagine that would hurt a lot? Im also worried the morphine will make me too tired to care bubby.
Any helpful tips to make the whole thing a little better?? THANKYOU

Ill be having my 3rd csection in October, hopefully I can answer some of your questions smile

Its not so much from the epidural I don't believe but I did have the shakes from about half way through the procedure and a few hours after, I remember the anesthesiest saying it was the bodies reaction to nerves being cut? Anway, it was just like I was shivering from being cold but I wasnt actually cold. Other than that no headaches.

The nausea for me is the worst and the drowsiness that comes from the morphine and endone. I was taking pandaol and voltarin 24 hours after both previous csections so this time Im going to try that from the start, Ive had a friend who took panadol from the start and did well. They can give you maxalon (doesnt work for me) or other anti-nausea medications to help. The drowsiness from the endone did make it hard in the wee hours being already tired, breast feeding and trying to stay awake for baby to finish.

I never felt much pain, only when vomiting in those first few hours after the morphine, even then it didn't hurt but you feel like your could be doing damage. Coughing or sneezing I feel like I need to support my belly and the first time I get up to walk, feels like your stomache could fall out the section site lol.

I stayed 3 days with my first, 2 days with my second but and hoping I can get home 24 hours after this baby if Im allowed (actually was just coming on to post a question if anyone else had), I struggle more with the confinement of being in a hospital room than the recovery.

I guess the worst thing is the bowel movement after, I know, probably TMI but I didnt find it easy lol so make sure you take any stool softeners, you can't really strain so anything they give you to help Id be taking.

I did feel sore and a get a little inflammed when I did to much some times in the weeks after, so my advice is listen to your body. I did much better with that after my second section.
I have had 3 c sections and the pain was no where as bad as I imagined but mostly when you move and try not to sneeze or laugh too much.I had no side effects from the epirural( 1st time around) the next 2 were spinal blocks and no drama with that either.I forget what its call but drip with the pain medication was a god send.After that I was offered some pain relief via a suppository(sp) which is supposed to be really good/quick pain relief but I had a bad case of haemhroids(sp) so declined it but was given tramal(tramadol) which was great for the pain but made me very sleepy.Before I went home, especially the 1st time, hubby made me walk up and down the stairs in the hospital as we have a 2 storey house.Wishing you all the best...

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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