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3rd Csection - Anyone stayed 24 hours? Lock Rss

Hi everyone

Coming up to my 3rd csection in October and just wondering if anyone had stayed only 24 hours? I stayed 48 hours last time but if the recovery is as good as the previous two Im hoping I can be home earlier, I havent heard of anyone going home after 24 hours and have not yet bought it up with my OB to see if its possible or not, so if anyone has Id love to hear about it!

I stayed at hospital for 30 hours with my 2nd c-section and then I transferred to the Hilton hotel for a couple of nights as soon as my catheter was out.
I found the pain quite uncomfortable on the 2nd and 3rd night and I wasn't able to take anything other than paracetamol. I kind of wished that I stayed at the hospital so I could've had the voltarin wink

I am kitty wink

I guess it depends if everything is "working" again (i.e. bowels) after 24 hours! I went home after 3 days and I thought that was pretty good going!

I was allowed out after two nights after my first. I would love to be 'released' after 24 hrs second time around, but I think only two nights was pushing it last time. The hospital staff seemed pretty surprised that I was so keen to get out of there.

In response to Supermummy - I don't have a problem with hospitals, but I found being at home in my own bed a million times better than being in a noisy hospital room with the lights on all night. I barely slept. And I also needed my husband's assistance with night nappy changes and passing me the baby for night feeding - I didn't get that at the hospital, unless I wanted to leave my baby crying while I waited for a nurse. Being able to come home early was the opposite of pushing myself.

I just wanted to update this incase anyone else reading in the future wanted to know the same thing...

I spoke to my OB and she said all being well with baby and myself I will be allowed early discharge within 24 hours so it is possible! A midwife will come and visit me at home as well for a couple of days. Fingers crossed all is well, Im scheduled this coming Friday smile
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