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Breeched Lock Rss

Hey guys, I was told today by my gyno that my baby is breeched iam 28 weeks and he has been in that position and hasnt moved .. Iam assuming his not going to move so its c section .. Has anyone else had this?
To top the day off iam a non smoker that already has white spots in the placenta , my doctor said well watch it .. Can anyone else tell me there experience or what they think?
There is still plenty of time for bub to get into the right position.

If for some reason bubba becomes stubborn and wants to stay in breach close to your due date, acupuncture can be helpful. There is a lot of info about it online, if you google 'spinning babies', you will find that there is a lot if techniques that might help.

Sorry I have no advice on the breech position, but I do on the white spots.
At 35 weeks my midwife noticed that my bump didn't seem to be growing so we had a scan and baby measured small but OK and we then had a scan 3 weeks later and on this scan the baby had not grown at all since the last one and there were lots of white spots on the placenta (sorry I'm not sure if they were there on the previous scan as we didn't ask and were not told), we were induced the next day, which was pretty awful, but not as bad as the stories that I have heard, just gas and air and then a beautiful little boy smile
I was a non smoker too. As you say, they will watch it, and they will be able to do something if required! smile

I wouldn't be worried about being breech at 28 weeks, this is very common.

My bub is breech and my OB only got concerned as of this week (36 weeks). I'm booked in for an ECV to try and turn bub next week.

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