I've just found out we're 4wks pregnant with number 2. My first ended up being an emergency c-section as he was breech - we were booked for an elective because of this however he ended up coming earlier than that which is why it was emergency.

Anyway, didn't have such a good experience with my midwife the first time around and so was looking for a different one this time. It's still early so I thought it would be relatively easy. However it seems they don't want to take you on if you're undecided whether I want to VBAC or just go for a c-section...i'm just really not sure as yet which way I want to go - I may want VBAC or c-section, thought i'd see how it goes. I basically got told that probably no independant midwife would want to take me on as if I went for a c-section they don't get paid, not much help for me : (

Does anyone have any suggestions of what i can do? Or recommendations on a midwife who is good or would be willing to discuss the options etc? I'm based near central Auckland...i don't want to leave too late and then not be able to find a midwife at all.

Thanks : )