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my first c section Lock Rss

Hi Everyone,
I am currently 34 weeks pregnant with twins and they are both breech so i am now booked into have a c section in a month... I have opted to have a general anaesthetic which hubby and i are fine with, i just dont know what to expect leading up to and after the c section as i dont want to rely on the morphine i was wondering will they give me a table form pain relief and antibiotic....
I had a normal delivery for my son but was rushed to surgery straight after and i had an iv drip in and struggled to pick him up as i could feel it coming out and the nurse just put it back in i asked for it to come out they took it out so after i dont want one as i have to babies to look after..... and i didnt have any pain relief after surgery so i think pain will be fine..... They havent told me anything and just want to know what will go on...
With a general your DH won't be allowed in the theatre with you, he will have to wait on the ward. When the babies are out they will be checked in theatre by a paediatrician and nurse, then taken up to the nursery on the ward, your DH should be able to go see them at that stage unless there are complications with the babies.

When you wake up you will be in recovery for a minimum of 30min, and they will make sure your pain is under control before going up. You will definitely have to have an IV in, it will probably stay in for about 24hrs. When you leave recovery you will be taken to your room, and I assume the babies will be brought to you, but I'm not sure. I worked in the operating theatres as a nurse and we did plenty of c-sections. All the best!

With my last baby i ended up having to have a General as the spinal block didn't work and to be honest i hated every minute of it hubby wasnt allowed in there which meant no photos waking up in a different room not knowing if my baby was okay wheather it was a boy or a girl and the list went on and on ! But as in pain mainagment it was pretty much the same as which i had a c-section under epidurl they will always make sure you are not in any pain and will keep the pain relief up until about day 2 or 3 thats when they start to cut you back of the meds they did however send me home with panadiene forte which was a life saver !!
I had my daughter by c section, went it for normal delivery but got rushed into theatre after 1 hour pushing because of a cord prolapse ( cord around head)... My emergency caesar was done with epidural as I already had it in and they just topped it up.. I was happy being awake during the rough process so that I could see bub straight away and not be 'out of it' .. Epidural was fine no pain and was really happy with the way things went given my situation. I have to have a planned Caesar for my next because of a tear. And am going to have an epidural again. Pain and recovery after for me was long and painful only because I had a very ruff operation to get bub out in a hurry! I was just on Endone, paracetamol, and ibuprofen. Congratulations on your twins smile and hope they arrive safely and you all recover quick smile
When I first found out I was going to have a csection I asked for a general and my OB said no and I'm so glad she did because I would've hated to miss those first moments with ds, also because he went to SCN I didn't get to see him again until the next morning. It's such a great experience and to be able to share with dh was fantastic too. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy smile
I got sent home with about 10 days worth of voltaran and 3 weeks of paracetomal 2 days after my emergency C section. Got given something else in pill form while still in hospital as I asked for it (which made me a bit dopey) but was never offered anything as strong as morphine. Of course this is in NZ and I don't know how differently they do things over here.

What I did learn though is that the more you push yourself, the more pain you will be in so take it easy. Expect to struggle to pick up and carry your twins for the first few days and arrange to have someone with you 24/7 till you leave hospital if at all possible (my husband and parents took it in shifts). Get a change table at the right height for you if you haven't already becouse it will help minimise backpain. Buy loose, high underwear that wont sit on ur scar. And last remember that you are recovering from SURGERY as well as looking after newborn twins, everything else (especially if it hurts ur back or your scar) can be done by someone else! Goodluck!
I had a c-section 5 weeks ago and was given endone, tramadol, paracetamol and voltaren after my spinal block wore off. I am allergic to codeine so there may be other choices for you. After about 3 days in hospital I told them I didn't want the tramadol as it was making me to sleepy for feeds and was making me grumpy too! Ended up just having paracetamol and voltaren for the rest of my 5 day stay and didn't take anything when I got home.

The midwives will he there to help you feed and look after the babies as you will be in bed for a 1 or so.

Perhaps talk to you obstetrician they can tell you the drug scheduled and they never give you anything that will hurt the baby through breast milk.

Good luck, hope all goes well with the birth and don't stress!
I am in NZ and had either a morphine or pethidine pump when I had my c-section. I had a epidural, but also had pre-eclampsia and was in labour for several days before I finally had the emergency c-section - so not sure if any of that influenced the level of pain relief.

I was bedridden for 24hrs before I was allowed up and about and didn't have the catheter removed until after that either.

Completely agree with "Very_Crazyhappy" about the change table - this was a life saver for me after my c-section and great for my husband who had a bad back at the time.

Best of luck smile
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