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I had an emergency c-section, so I didn't have to talk anyone in to it.

To be honest, my feelings on this are, it is your body and your baby and all your choice. Do not take no for an answer. I've heard that it is easier to have an elective c-section through private but I wouldn't know.

Again, be confident in your choice and let them know that this is what you want and wont be talked around.

Good luck!
Hi there,
I am not sure what your reasons are but I just wanted to say if they are for non medical reasons you may want to look into why you feel the way you do. You may find yourself in a situation where you may plan for a c/s, but circumstances at the time may not allow for it (quick birth, lack of staff etc) If you are prepared for both, then you have less chance of freaking out at the time. Births don't always go to plan and this applies to people who plan for a c/s as well as those who are adamant they are only having natural births.
I hope it all goes well for you.
Congratulations on your pregnancy!! Is this your first baby? It's so overwhelming the thought of labor isn't it? Hugs. If there is no medical reason for your elective c section then I agree, you will need to go private, and have a lecture about it. It's VERY costly compared to a natural vaginal birth, and if your all healthy and no risks ect. It's something our health department doesn't need IMO. Can you have a chat to people about their experiences on labor to ease your mind about it? It is good to be prepared for both outcomes, as baby usually has their own birth plan and ain't nothing messing with that! My births were wonderful, natural, no pain relief and a fantastic experience that i would never want to give up, hope you get the outcome you are looking for. Good luck.
I was the same as you but my OB wasn't willing to do an elective c/s for no medical reason. Ended up ds was breech and I had a c/s anyway but by that stage I wasn't fussed if I gave birth naturally or by c/s.
I had a natural birth but I know that my ob does offer elective c sections if you choose to do so. Privately you would pay extra for the anesthesiologist, however your health fund will cover other additional costs, such as the operating theatre.
You won't be allowed an elective c section for first baby publicly.
It's your body and your choice but why c section? I had a friend who was so terrified of a vaginal birth so opted for one. But then I had a really quick natural recovery. Everything is back to normal and I had no tearing. Two of my close friends had emergency c sections the same week. Their recovery was good for a caesar but still far slower than mine. They also took much longer to lose the baby weight post partum.
Just something to think about, but it's ultimately your choice!

Jess can you afford to go private. Since your not pregnant yet its still an option. You would only need to wat about 4 months before falling pregnant since the total waiting period is 12 months. I went private for a natural birth as I was more comfortable having my own ob from start to finish. Also if youhave a private ob you will have the opportunity to talk through your options, as I also know someone who changed their mind and went natural right at the end of their pregnancy. Private obs will be really flexible like that as you pay them a lot to do as you want.

Jess_7 wrote:

But looking at all the information I can get my hands on I am much more comfortable with the idea of a 30-60 minute operation for "birth" leaving a lot less time for things to go wrong(6-40hours? of labor possibly ending with interventions/Caesar anyway). I think I could deal better with managed after surgery pain. Among other reasons as well but not really wanting to debate.
Just wanting to make it happen.

Reading through your posts, I had to comment on this. I am supportive of women choosing to birth any way they wish, and my mother had 4 "elective" c sections and i am personally a bit scared of vaginal birth! So I know where you are coming from..

But honestly, as someone who performs surgery on a regular basis, this midset is wrong. Yes, a c section may be quicker than a vaginal birth. However, SO MANY things happen in that short space of time and the things that happen are HUGE interventions with relatively large risks. If you compare what happens minute to minute in labour and in a caesarean, and the risk minute to minute, there is so much more that can go wrong, minute for minute, while someone is slicing and dicing through your abdomen. Although it is shorter, the risk for a major abdominal surgery is much higher.

I know you said you did not want debate, but the idea that a caesarean is safer than vaginal birthing (for the average woman, obviously) is wrong. And this is coming from someone with the utmost faith in surgeons!
Jess_7 wrote:
Lovemyfam were you private?

Yeah I was private in Melbourne, my OB prefers not to do elective by choice because it's major surgery. This time around she's happy for me to have an elective not try for a vbac smile
Jess_7 wrote:

A few people have asked why I chose this & it might sound really wrong to some people, but I don't want to go through vaginal childbirth & I don't particularly want to be pregnant either.
But I desperately want a baby & have for a long time.
I can endure a pregnancy to get a baby. (Not really any alternative.)

But looking at all the information I can get my hands on I am much more comfortable with the idea of a 30-60 minute operation for "birth" leaving a lot less time for things to go wrong(6-40hours? of labor possibly ending with interventions/Caesar anyway). I think I could deal better with managed after surgery pain. Among other reasons as well but not really wanting to debate.
Just wanting to make it happen.

Hi there,
Good on you for thinking about all of this early on. I am respectful of your decision and all of us have reasons for making the choices we do. I do want to clarify though that the risks are higher with a c/s. A quick c/s over a long vaginal birth does not mean a long birth has more risks. Long births are quite normal. The risk to both mum and bub is still greater with a c/s as it is major surgery. I know you have an awful lot to work through before you get pregnant and then before the birth and you will get there - but you do also need to look at the actual risk involved too. Sorry that it is all so rough for you, that must be really hard. xxx
Hi Jess, I just want to give you some support and say good on you for all the thought you have put into this massive decision. It is such a personal decision and i do understand your reasoning as much as is possible from what I've read.
Anyway I just wanted to say that I have birthed both ways and my c/section was a far better and much more positive experience with a quicker recovery than my natural birth. Everyone is different and birth is different every single time! If this is what you want then fight for it, you know yourself better than anyone and I really hope your birth experience is wonderful. All the best to you smile
I am so pleased you have a referral for any issues that you may have. You obviously recognise there are some there and this is an absolute brilliant start. It will be great if you find someone you click with as you may need ongoing psychological support throughout the pregnancy as it may drag up some issues for you.

With the pap smears, I HATE it when they bully people into them. I went to a GP (not my normal one) and she called me in (I thought to speak about a test I had) but it was actually because I turned out to be pregnant. I refused a pap smear and first she demanded an explanation why and then she said really nicely "no problem, your body, your choice." I felt really supported when she said that, but then she went on to say "but what are you going to do once you have the baby and then find out you have cancer?" this part was said in a very patronising tone...
For some weird reason, she couldn't grasp that I don't have things stuck up my clacker unnecessarily when pregnant, especially when the last pregnancy was a miscarriage. grrrrr Anyway, you are well within your rights to refuse one - or anything else. You could also consider having them further apart.
With the pregnancy and birth as well, you should also understand that you can refuse things if you want to.

Huggies is a great community. Lots of different opinions and lots of amazing women. Hope you stick around. :)xxx
Jess_7 wrote:
thanks misskel
Could really use a like button smile There probably is one and I haven't found it yet. lol

lol we cheat and just write +1
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