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Caesarean 6 years ago Lock Rss

I had a csection with dd1 as she was breech and 4yrs later I had a successful vbac with dd2.

It will all depend on the reason he got stuck, I would be asking if that may happen again. If it turns out your pelvis is too small you may need another one. If there are no complications then you should be able to try for a natural birth if you wish.
There's no reason why you can't have a vaginal birth. Don't worry about all the reasons you'll probably be given why not, if it's what you want to do then there are always ways around the "why-nots" smile
I had a emergency c-section 2 years ago and was trying for a VBAC just 2 weeks ago but unfortunately my body would not go into labour so they had to do a c-section again. They were not going to induce me this time , if I didn't go into labour naturally it was going to be a c-section.

So I had two C-sections due to my body not going failing to progress in labour even after 5 inducements...They could not even get my 1cm just was not meant to be for me!!!

Bit of a bummer but in the end both of us are doing great!
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