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Elective C-section or Vbac? Lock Rss

Do any lovely ladies out there have any stories about successful Vbacs? Or why you chose a repeat c-section. Currently 22 weeks pregnant and need to make a decision although I may not get the choice in the end if my placenta doesnt move up. Just trying to think it through. My previous c-section was 13 months ago.
Hi there

I'm currently 24 weeks with #2 and will be having a c section this time around again. With DD, she was an emergency section and after her birth, my OB advised that any future births would now also require a section. So unfortunately, I don't have a choice in the matter. In some ways I'm glad as I will know the exact date, not having to worry about labor etc although I know recovery will be longer. I've just had a friend give birth to her second after a 32 hour labor, 4.1kg baby and lots of stitches, so at least I know bubs will be out in 30-40 with the section.

Good luck with your decision, just do what feels right for yourself. smile
Hi. My first baby was an emergency c section. Since then, I've given birth naturally three times, so it is definitely possible. With my first baby I had complications in labour due to an allergic reaction to the gel they used to induce me. I got very sick and my baby was distressed, so I had a general anaesthetic and a c section. The recovery was very long and painful, and I never wanted to repeat that experience. Two years later I had a 12 hour labour with my second baby, with a very easy recovery. Another two years later I had a one hour labour and very easy recovery. Around two years after that I was induced again, but in a different way. That labour lasted 5 hours with a very easy recovery. The only baby I didn't have stitches for was the last one, and she was 3.95 kg. I am very glad I was able to give birth naturally after my c section because the recovery for that was really long, and I have never recovered mentally from that experience. I have heard that planned c sections are much easier to recover from though.

kerrie, VIC, DD 12/8/03, DD 12/10/05, DD 14/9/07, DD 4/1/10

I had an early induction due to PROM with DS, which ended in failure to progress.

I've decided to go elective this time just to avoid the possibility of last time. My first birth (or not) was pretty emotionally exhausting at the time and pretty traumatic for me. Its a huge decision but I am happy to have an elective. As long as my baby is healthy, I really don't care how we birth.

It is very possible to successfully VBAC and I am certian that women who do would feel so empowered. But for me, the stories you don't hear, of women who tried to vbac and ended up with a c-sect again, is not a risk I am willing to take.

Even though my first was an emergency, compared to my induction, it was so calm, and so beautiful. Which made my decision a lot easier.
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