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horizontal vs vertical incision Lock Rss

am pregy w no.2, 1st was c-sec as was frank breech n I had a horizontal incision. am currently 30wks n baby is transverse. has anyone been same n what incision did u have? as some say transverse lie means vertical incision which freaks me out. also, what did babys movements feel like/how did ur tummy look?
My DD2 was a transverse baby and she was just a normal horizontal incision so don't stress about that hun it did take a few more minutes to get her out then it did with my first C-section but not much difference.

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My ds was frank breech and I had a horizontal incision, I don't think there is any reason you shouldn't be able to have horizontal unless they're in a hurry to get bubs out. eg. it's in distress.
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