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Hi there mummies.

I am a little shocked at the moment. My daughter is 6 months old and was born via caesarean due to Placenta Previa and now I am pregnant again, I am on contraception so this is why I am shocked, I cannot get into my GP for another week but I am stressing a little, is it even safe to be pregnant this soon after a caesarean? Any other mummies had this happen?
Thanks =]
I know someone who has 13months between her two, they were both cesarean. Does depend a little on your body though, but it should be fine smile just make sure you see your GP or healthcare provider as soon as you can. All the best!

EDIT: She even tried for a VBAC, but it wasn't successful, so she ended up with a second cesarean. Her GP is an OB and he said that she had to go into labor naturally and progress at a certain rate, if she failed that she would be straight off to the theatres. Sadly it didn't work, but it doesn't mean you can't try if your healthcare provider will let you try, and if that's what you want!

Oh good, the second caesarean doesn't phase me if that is what I have to do. I just don't want to bust the scar open or something.
Thanks mummies =]
Again..not a personal story but my friend had her first two kids 14 months apart then went on to have 2 more... All c-sections. She had some issues but they were quite happy to do the c-sec again although she found she needed a lot more support towards the end..used belly bands etc recommended by her OB.
They advised after 4 it wouldn't be safe for her to have anymore due to the issues she had.

Congratulations!! All the best. smile
Hi I personally had 4 c-sections. They where quite close ie, September 2004, Sept 2005 and Sept 2006. my last was Nov 2009. drs never really seemed too concerned.

All the best with this pregnancy.

DD1/9/04, DS12/9/05, DS 19/9/06, DD 13/11/2009

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