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Urgent please help, 3rd pregnancy been advised to abort Lock Rss

My partner and I are 6 weeks pregnant and so excited. This was very unplanned but we are so happy. I have had two previous csections in September 2011 and 8 May 2013. I had a few kidney and bladder issues with the last pregnancy resulting in self catherisation. I lost sensation to wee and due to this urine was building up and backflowing into my kidneys. But everything went fine and baby was delivered perfectly healthy. I went to my obstrician excited and was told that four months is far to early to be pregnant again and that I would have to abort the pregnancy because I could have a uterine rupture and it would cause my baby and myself to die. I was told by the doctor I had two weeks to decide. I cant bring myself to abort my baby but I have two other children aged 2 and 5 months and I dont want to leave them motherless. Has anyone else fallen pregnant again around the same time and been fine??
Thanks, I have spoken with the only available obstrictian in my area as I am in regional QLD. I have booked an appointment on thursday next week for a specialist in Brisbane hoping to get more of a positive prosective. I'm just curious if other mothers have been 1 given the same advice or 2 whether they were told it was fine. I cant bear the thought of aborting this baby without knowing I have done everything in my power to try and keep it. I have even booked in with a naturopath for vitamins etc that could possible help. I'm only 22 years old and this decision is weighing heavily on my mind.
The doctor said that due to having two csections and falling pregnant again I would am very likely to have a uterine rupture which would result in death. apparently when your uterus expands it puts pressure on the previous scar and it will tear open causing the rupture. I have booked in for other opinions but am terrified to hear the same information again. The wee thing is basically the nerve that sends the sensation message to the bladder was damaged in the previous pregnancies and cant just simply repair it has to regrow leaving me with no sensation until it does. This is manageable I just set a timer and make myself go. the doctor didnt seem concerned about this issue was only the previous csections and falling pregnant so soon.
I know a few people who have had another baby within 16months of having a c-section and their obs. have never had a problem with it. Did you have any problems with the previous scar within your last pregnancy? Were they at all concerned about it? Maybe ask him why/what is his major concern? Because these days, they are pretty good at stitching you up and it healing well and for it not to be too much of a concern for a closely following pregnancy!

Forgot to add....Most of these ladies had VBAC deliveries for the following pregnancy without their obs. even questioning it! So I don't really see an issue with the timing as VABC has a much higher risk of a uterine rupture during delivery so I don't see the close timing to be the only issue.

Get another opinion hun!

Just wanted to say I'm so sorry your in this situation and I wish you all the best whatever you decide. You need to be fully informed to make this decision so it that means you get 2nd opinion do it. Hugs.

Hun I'm so Sorry your Ob has basically given you the one option sad But I agree with everyone Get another opinion as I would think under careful management things would be fine.
I have had 3 caesareans and will be having my 4th in December. I had my 2nd caesarean to have my twin daughters when my first daughter was 16 months old. The obstetrician had absolutely no problem with the gap between my caesareans and told me that when my first was 3 months old my body had, had enough time to heal to start trying again although we waited till dd1 was 6 months. I had my 3rd caesarean to have my boy almost 5 1/2 years later. As soon as I got to recovery and when I should of just been enjoying my newborn the obstetrician came around and said I shouldn't ever try for another baby as my scar was already too thin. Certainly made me think of other things and put a damper on the special moment it should of been. This devasted me as my dh and I had planned on another baby so I spoke to many doctors and found that OK my risk with having another pregnancy will put me at a much higher risk of uterine rupture but with close management with caregivers then it is all about making sure I don't over do it at all and not lift anything heavy etc.
I'm over 25 weeks pregnant now and have already had a bit of a scare with pains at 22 weeks. Since then I have been told to take it very easy, basically bedrest, no heavy lifting not even my boy who's 2 yrs 9 months. Things are going well at the moment, I'm feeling good. I have a lot of extra appointments with the doctors at the hospital, scanning at each appointment to check baby and also my scar. Baby will be delivered between 37 and 38 weeks all going well but the doctors feel we may need to deliver earlier but will be happy if I can get to 35 weeks.

Good luck I really hope your able to find other opinions that give you more options. If you want to chat more you can PM me if you want. Take Care, GBH'S

Mummy of 5 Gorgeous Babes smile
My newest Gorgeous Baby Boy arrived 1st January 2014 smile xxx

Has your Dr told you no more babies ever or not just yet?

I've had three children all via c-section and with my last my previous scars on my uterus ruptured and I ended up in intensive care. I have been told no more children ever (which suits me fine). For me leaving my current children potentially motherless is too much risk for me especially if you can have more later.

What an awful position to be in, good luck with your decision making.
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