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2nd c-sec booked. afterpains question Lock Rss

so Im booked for my 2nd C-section, in 4wks. I a little scared as the worst part for me last time was sometime after surgery (no idea if was hr or 4hrs later, the day is a bit muddled) I got the most awful/vicious pain Ive ever had in my life! including a mc, and walking on a fractured leg.It was only on my right side of tummy/pelvis, felt like a hot knife twisting in there. It got so bad I was near hysterical, nurse got aneathetist to see me n he gave me something(don't know what) n it gradually eased. No one told me what the hell it was ! So-question; has this happened to any of you that've had C-sections, what is it n why is it soooooo bad,is it normal? I don't know if it was only on one side because I have bicornuate uterus n bubs only grew/stretched that side or not. This time bubs is on left n 'seems' to hav stretched both sides.
I have had 3 c-sections and have had afterpains, which although painful don't sound anywhere near as bad as what you are describing, plus they seemed to come on while feeding and then disapper- so not a constant pain.

deinfately speak to your dr or OB and see what they can suggest.

good luck.

Mr J (April 2005) Miss Z (Feb 2007) and Miss O (Oct 2010)

I have all the notes from that op, and theres nothing in it about the bad pain! but then theres nothing in it about either me blacking out or them gassing me near end of op, I started to freak out when I could feel the surgeon 's hand scraping under my ribs. I will definatley ask n ask till I get answers this time. thanx ladies.
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