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Catheters and suppositories Lock Rss

I didn't get any suppositories and I thought they just pulled the catheter out but tbh I didn't really want to know so wasn't watching what they did lol.
I didn't have a c section but I had suppositories after my delivery of my daughter due to the severe tearing i had. I don't think it's uncommon to have them after any kind of delivery.
I had a Caesar with dd1 and don't remember anything about suppositories, unless they did it straight after while I was not paying attention and numb. And my catheter, the nurse came and took it out but I again I didn't pay attention to how it was done (the less I knew the better at the time lol).
10ml syringe - generally the IDC has either 5-10ml of water in the balloon holding it in. Once removed it should just slide out - buy I wouldn't go popping it by yourself unless medically advised. Generally 'stool softner' medicine is given if requested post surgeries, however i'm sure if you felt you really needed a suppository they would give you one - not common practice however.

Jess_7 wrote:
Just a standard 10 ml syringe? Yes I know the nurse generally does it but I want to be able to take out anything they put in me when I want it done.

Where I have been looking at they generally use suppositories at the end of the surgery and then later on as well. They have said I can request them not to though, I just wasn't sure if it was the done thing elsewhere.

I wouldnt be taking it out in your own either, after both my c/s the catheter was removed the next day just before I got out of bed for the first time, it's really simple for them to take it out and only takes a minute. Why are you wanting to take it out yourself?
Getting up and moving around after surgery I very important so I doubt they'd have any objections to taking out the catheter if that was going to help you get up and about quicker. I wouldn't be attempting that myself either.
Jess_7 wrote:
Axiom, I have been put on cymbalta a month ago and am seeing a psychologist. I get that it seems crazy to be worrying about this sort of stuff before I even fall pregnant.

Jess I am on Cymbalta as well. Have been on 90mg but just dropped to 60mg. I have seen multiple physcologists too. I get a lot of anxiety and worry about everything. Just wanted to let you know I am here for you if you need to chat.

From my lifelong experience with this the best thing is to talk to someone about your worries etc. which you have started doing and that is great. A step in the right direction. smile

For me they did suppository while I was still in surgery for once the spinal wore off. I only knew they did it because I mentioned it and they said it was done already. I think it's standard and they don't mention it so most people don't know they've had it.
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