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5 days to caesarean Lock Rss

I am booked in for my 2nd Caesarean in 8 years and I have been told that I need both an epidural and a spinal to ensure I have no pain as I am having a tubal ligation as well. has anyone else experienced having both of these at the same time? I am getting really worried that it is going to hurt although the Anaesthestist said I can be on IV morphine after for the pain so that is a bonus but having 2 injections/tubes in my back seems a lot, just wondering if there are any other similar stories out there?
Hi there smile
I've had one of each for both of my c-sections and I must say I much preferred the epidural. I have no idea as to why they would recommend both, I'd be questioning that one wink
They each come with their risks. With the spinal you're usually given a big dose of fentanyl which makes you feel itchy and out of sorts. The epi can cause headaches afterwards.
The morphine can make you feel terrible also.
I found regular voltaren to be the best pain relief after.
Try and keep it simple for the quickest recovery.
Best of luck! You'll be fine smile

I am kitty wink

Hi there,

Thats odd? Maybe they need the extra as a top up for the ligation?

I wanted them 2 do my tubes, but they wouldn't and said in my case they wanted to do it postpartum via key hole surgery.

Ive had 3 c's under general. Because my first emergency c section the epidural punctured my spine and the block went up and I had a cardiac & respritory arrest in the delivery suite. im against epidurals 4 me sad

2nd pregnancy I had blood clots in the placenta, heavy bleeding, endometriosis, uterine infections and to top it off I hemorrhaged 12wks later as I didn't stop bleeding at all after the birth.

This pregnancy went beautifully considering my labour horrors!

I have my consultation for ligation next week. Hopefully all goes well smile
Woops as for post surgery I personally dont like morphine. I rather use tremadol or forte for pain management.

The pain isnt so bad if you can get up and showered 24hours later and push through it recovery is better.

good luck x smile
I had epi and spinal separately for both c sections. What I found with morphine was it didn't take away my pain, just made me less bothered about it. I pretty much just felt wasted and away with the fairies
Thanks, only one more day to go now, hopefully today I can rest, my son is staying at my parent's place tonight, I have packed everything and cleaned everything twice so I just one day of rest, I am so nervous!
All the best for tomorrow. Hpoe that you have a nice relaxing day today.

Oh how exciting. All the best.
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