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Scared!!! Lock Rss

Hey lovelies,

2 questions...

I'm booked in for a planned cesarian in 2 weeks as my baby is too big for me to have naturally.... my DS1 was a terrible labour and emergency c section as he got stuck... dodgy pelvis I have lol. And looks like this baby is pretty big too.

Anyway, when I had the first spinal block I was having huge contractions so didnt even notice it. However being planned, I will and I'm so scared about it! Please share your experiences smile

Second, since I voiced the fact that I absolutely do not want more children... I was offered a tubal ligation at the same time.... to DH and I its a great idea... all contraceptive methods mess with me and make our life difficult... but I do feel a little taken aback by it. How have people felt after having it done? The only reason I'd consider pregnancy is if somebody very close to me needed a surrogate... and that can still happpn after a tubal .

Thanks for your time Mummas xo
I have had two c-sections. Frist was planned and I had no issue with the spinal. As Little Miss's has said thay will talk to you and keep you mind off it when they are doing it. The second was an emergancy c-section as I went into labour with the twins but again it was not a bad experience. The staff I had were great and I didn't really feel it.

Sorry can't help with the tubal ligation.

Good luck I hope all goes well for you and you have a wonder c-section. Mine were all a great birthing experience.

Hi anni, I have had a c/section and had no problems with the spinal, to be honest I barely felt it! My anaesthetist was awesome and he told me I'd feel a pinch and that was all. I hardly even felt the pinch!! As little miss's said the atmosphere in the room is really positive. I had a spinal after my natural birth too due to needing to go to theatre after it and that one too was not painful.

As for the tubal, I was asked if I would want one but declined. I dont want anymore children, but am not ready to have the option to taken away just yet smile all I can say is just be quite sure about it smile

All the best with your birth, good luck!!
My first was emergency C-section and next 2 planned c-section (big babies too!). As pp said, planned C-section is such a calm atmosphere as no-one is in a rush and therefore can take the time to talk everything through with you. The hardest part of the spinal was bending over in half, with an almost 9lb baby in my belly!

Regarding tubal ligation l was offered it on my last c-section and we knew we weren't having any more children however l declined. Main reason was because going through a C-section plus new born is already emotional and l didn't want to add to that the 'finality' of never having children again. Is there the option of your DH having vasectomy? This will allow you to think about the decision over a longer period of time (further than the 2 weeks til your c-section). It's also a pretty minor op! However, if you both agree to ligation and other contraceptive methods play havoc with you, go for it!

Thanks guys, I certainly feel more relaxed about the spinal block now, I also remember how positive and friendly the team was during my emergency c section and how much that helped, great point!
I'm sure at the time excitement will also take over, cant wait to meet this guy! Bending sounds like fun, not.... lol.

We were thinking of getting DH the snip, after 2 babies i figured it was his turn to take one for the team lol. But this seems so much easier.... however I agree with being certain, I absolutely will not do it unless I'm feeling 100% sure. Its just thrown me because I had no idea it was even an option!

Thanks again xo
I'm going to be honest with you! I have had a spinal block a couple of times and it depends who is doing it!

I had a student attempt it at first and I did feel it! I wasn't in agon but it was enough to squink my eyes, where I usually really good with pain. When someone fully qualified did it (both times) I barely felt it.

I have heard that having your tubes tied at the same time can make your recovery take alot longer!

Although it was deffinately our last, we didn't get it done!

I had a spinal with my second and third, for elective c/s. I never felt anything after the local for either - ad I really didn't think the local was that bad. I felt it, sure, but it wasn't agonising and it didn't last long smile

I haven't had my tubes tied, but a friend did when she had her third by c/s last year. She said her recovery was no different to her prior c/s.

I have heard that the failure rate is slightly higher when it's done during a c/s, but I have no first-hand knowledge of that smile
Ok after reading this I wont tell you my experience it will just petrify you!
I have had 2 emergency c/s and 1 planned. (he decided to come early before his c/s date) so may be classed as 3 emergency c/s. I had my tubes done at the same time and was advised heavely by the surgeon that I was not to have anymore children due to my insides being screwed! I didnt have any complications from any of my c/s including the tubal ligation.

Thanks so much for raising those points ladies! I am meeting with my anaesthesist next week and you know what I'm going to ask.... no students please! I remember asking the one who did my spinal block last time... did he have experience, how many times had he done it, was he going to use enough lol... he was very confident and was a pro so I guess confidence is important.

Take care xoxo
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